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Jul 7, 2009 02:20 PM


Anyone been? Any reports. Looks kind of intersting.

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  1. Good sweet and savory souffles. The tomato marshmallow soup is good to. Everything is good but not great. I do like the food, service and atmosphere of the place but it just doesnt satisfy me.

    1. I went in May as a Girls' Night Out outing. We had 7 girls in our group and they seated us right in front of the kitchen where we could see everything going on.

      It was a fun experience and we were pleasantly full, but if we had brought our boyfriends they would've been starving.

      We each got a different souffle and tried almost all of them except for the escargot one. They were all good and savory, but I think after a few bites on the sausage souffle, you really didn't want any more.

      We tried the Praline Pecan souffle because the waiter raved and raved about it, but I really didn't like it. One of the girls LOVED it, but the rest of us didn't.

      It was a fun and different place to go to though!

      1. To me, it's kind of a, "girly place". Better like souffles. Usually, very busy.

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          Yeah, I got the uptown, ladies who lunch sorta vibe from it. I've also seen other threads spell the name as Rise No. 1.

          1. re: air

            i get the brie sandwich. I don't like the savory soufles.

        2. Sounds worth a try. I'll report back.

            1. re: kuidaore

              Thanks Kuidaore. Hope to try this weekend and will report back.