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Jul 7, 2009 02:06 PM

Shamshiri Grill Westwood

To those of you who so generously and graciously shared your opinions, observations and suggestions with me a month ago, I want you all to know how deeply I appreciated your kindness. The grand event is finally here! This Saturday night, my three guests and I will luxuriate in the pleasure of knowing that we have some idea of what we are ordering and why we are ordering it. One final question: Two of us will enjoy at least two glasses of wine each during dinner. A life-time ago (forty years or more) I knew my wines, my vinyards, etc. Today, I haven't a clue. Which wines do you suggest. (For me, the drier, the better; for my guest, probably something less dry.) Also, in case we both decide to enjoy the same wine, which way would I be better off financially: getting it glass by glass, or buying the bottle? Deepest appreciation.

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  1. Shamshiri is excellent food-wise, but their wine list is quite boring and limited.

    My recommendation is to bring a bottle you like and that fits the celebratory occasion! I believe they charge a nominal corkage fee; around $12.

    BTW, paying by the glass is rarely a good idea; you're paying a very steep mark-up for that glass of wine and much better off buying a reasonably priced bottle.

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      Thank you, vinosnob. If I were to bring a bottle, what do you suggest?

    2. Go to a good wine shop and buy a great white wine. Pay the corkage. Enjoy!

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        Problem. The young lady who will be sharing wine with me omly drinks red.

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          then get a red.
          in what part of town do you live? when we know your location we will be able to recommend a wine store.

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              I can't think of a wine store in that immediate area. Silver Lake Wine is kind of nearby and they have a great selection and the staff will be more than happy to give you advice on buying a bottle of red.

              Agree with the wine recommendations by "travelingmansoul" posted below except for the chardonnay, but syrah and malbec are great choices; you could also look for a cotes du rhone, montepulciano d'abruzzo or aglianico.

              If you and your dinner guest like bubbles, a rose (or blancs de noir) sparkling wine (or champagne) pairs really well with this type of cuisine.

              Silver Lake Wine
              2395 Glendale Blvd.
              LA, CA 90039

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              how about asking your guest what wine she likes and just getting a bottle of that?

        2. Well, I don't know if this will help.. but... what I hear via the grapevine (which might be misinformed or grafted, I don't know) is that with chardonnay in years long past used to lean more toward the buttery and less toward the tart citrus.

          These days I don't like most chardonnays because they seem too bright and tart and fruity to me. I've heard it explained as a trend in user tastes, and also the tart/fruity may be easier to make (???) because what it lacks is secondary malolactic fermentation.

          Murphy-Goode makes a gorgeous buttery chardonnay but that can be reallllly hard to find - probably not worth actually trying to hunt down by Saturday though. (And now I'm not sure exactly which of these was the buttery one.)

          You can look for other chardonnay that has the description 'buttery' of course, if you like that. Pinot Grigio these days is nice, light and easy to drink, for the most part. I also love some wines just called white burgundies and have found them to be on the dry side (the ones I've had). I always tend to like French, Spanish or Italian wines over the others - pretty reliably.

          If you decide to do corkage, The Wine House is a great place to go looking for what to buy and they can advise you.

          Should you want a champagne or sparkling wine, my favorite 'value' is a Californian:
          Domaine Carneros, "Brut" - I've seen them in the $20-25 range.

          1. I enjoy closeby and like the dishes there...

            You should bring wine you like. they have some simple wines there

            with the lamb, I like it with a syrah - or a spanish wine (tempranillo)
            with lamb shank, i dig it with a malbec - trivento is fine;

            with the chicken, the chardonay would be fine

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              We live around the corner from Shamshiri and it is on our list of regular visits particularly since one of the managers is a former boyfriend of a family friend so we always get big Hello's and a nice table. But to the food - we had the house special last week which was a big mess (good) of meat, steak, kebabs, kuffta and now I think about it - thank you Travelingmansoul - a nice Malbec would have gone down well. This is a consistently good visit for atmosphere, food and service (had a down time last year but back to snuff now the last three visits). Out of towners love to watch the chefs throw the bread to bake.