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Jul 7, 2009 02:03 PM

Best candy store in TO?

I am a candy freak -- jelly beans, licorice, gum drops, sours....There are lots of candy stores around (Sugar Mountain etc.) but I find that some of them have pretty stale candy on offer and/or not much selection. I used to hit up Sweet Temptations in First Canadian Place when I worked downtown but I am not there often anymore. Does anyone have suggestions for the best places in town to buy candy?

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  1. Definitely hands down Bulk Mine at Yonge and Charles. You will thank me. :)

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      Agreed! They've got a huge variety. One friend almost swooned when she saw their selection of UK treats (especially the crisps).

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        I thank you -- not sure how prices compare - I was imagining a super-cheap giant barrel scooping place - which this wasn't... seemed like an excellent selection to me - bought a bunch of candy I'd never seen before. mmmm.

        Have stopped in before after going to the Panasonic Theatre, but never took a look around properly.

        $1.29/100g for most loose candy.
        nuts and stuff did not seem fresh or tasty.
        candy seemed AWESOME
        I wanted to buy british baked beans, but 2.49 seems steep.

        655 Yonge St.

      2. Oh and Suckers on Danforth is also pretty reliable.

        1. Bulk barn..but always easy to over buy
          and I do not remember where the one downtown is

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            bsv, it is not possible to over buy when it comes to candy! please explain?????

          2. The best candy store in Toronto is Johnvince Foods 555 Steeprock Drive, North York. Phone 416-636-6146.
            I defy anyone to find a wider selection of candy (and other treats such as nuts, snacks etc.)

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              Johnvince is absolutely a gold mine for candy. Not only is the selection dizzying, the freshness of it is out-friggin-standing. They pile through so much of it that nothing sits on the shelf for too long. For example, last time I went they had 3 massively deep boxes of chocolate covered almonds. The chocolate was softly gripping the nuts. Their sugared gummy worms are soft not gummy and melt away into sweet bliss. I whole heartedly second Johnvince.

            2. I agree that Johnvince is amazing...not the prettiest store but one of the best selections...the other places buy from them. My only complaint is the inconsistent and dismal selection of jelly bellys (my go-to candy store choice). In terms of the coolest candy store, though, I like the Nutty Chocolateer in The Beach. Makes candy buying more of an "experience" ; has an old school feel to it, lots of British treats, and the staff dole out the bulk candy, thus ensuring cleanliness...someting the other bulk candy stores do not necessarily have.

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              1. re: Toronto Fastfoodie

                Thanks guys -- these are awesome suggestions!!

                1. re: Toronto Fastfoodie

                  I was going to also suggest Nutty Chocolatier. The place is not as cheap as Bulk Barn but really nice with a great selection!