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Best candy store in TO?

I am a candy freak -- jelly beans, licorice, gum drops, sours....There are lots of candy stores around (Sugar Mountain etc.) but I find that some of them have pretty stale candy on offer and/or not much selection. I used to hit up Sweet Temptations in First Canadian Place when I worked downtown but I am not there often anymore. Does anyone have suggestions for the best places in town to buy candy?

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  1. Definitely hands down Bulk Mine at Yonge and Charles. You will thank me. :)

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      Agreed! They've got a huge variety. One friend almost swooned when she saw their selection of UK treats (especially the crisps).

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        I thank you -- not sure how prices compare - I was imagining a super-cheap giant barrel scooping place - which this wasn't... seemed like an excellent selection to me - bought a bunch of candy I'd never seen before. mmmm.

        Have stopped in before after going to the Panasonic Theatre, but never took a look around properly.

        $1.29/100g for most loose candy.
        nuts and stuff did not seem fresh or tasty.
        candy seemed AWESOME
        I wanted to buy british baked beans, but 2.49 seems steep.

        655 Yonge St.

      2. Oh and Suckers on Danforth is also pretty reliable.

        1. Bulk barn..but always easy to over buy
          and I do not remember where the one downtown is

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            bsv, it is not possible to over buy when it comes to candy! please explain?????

          2. The best candy store in Toronto is Johnvince Foods 555 Steeprock Drive, North York. Phone 416-636-6146.
            I defy anyone to find a wider selection of candy (and other treats such as nuts, snacks etc.)

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              Johnvince is absolutely a gold mine for candy. Not only is the selection dizzying, the freshness of it is out-friggin-standing. They pile through so much of it that nothing sits on the shelf for too long. For example, last time I went they had 3 massively deep boxes of chocolate covered almonds. The chocolate was softly gripping the nuts. Their sugared gummy worms are soft not gummy and melt away into sweet bliss. I whole heartedly second Johnvince.

            2. I agree that Johnvince is amazing...not the prettiest store but one of the best selections...the other places buy from them. My only complaint is the inconsistent and dismal selection of jelly bellys (my go-to candy store choice). In terms of the coolest candy store, though, I like the Nutty Chocolateer in The Beach. Makes candy buying more of an "experience" ; has an old school feel to it, lots of British treats, and the staff dole out the bulk candy, thus ensuring cleanliness...someting the other bulk candy stores do not necessarily have.

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                Thanks guys -- these are awesome suggestions!!

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                  I was going to also suggest Nutty Chocolatier. The place is not as cheap as Bulk Barn but really nice with a great selection!

                2. If you want an actual store, Stubbe chocolates in To is really good and they make their own choclate truffles and also sell cake by the slice with 1 or 2 different cakes every day.
                  I've never been to the Toronto location, but used to go to the downtown Ottawa store 2 or 3 times a week to buy a slice of cake between classes.
                  Now I'm not in that area as much, so can't get there as easily.
                  The owners are German also.


                  For shopping inline and interesting candy I like:


                  shipping is only $5 for anything and they ship in Canada only.
                  They always throw in a few "extras" with your purchase and I usually send family gifts from there as they all like chocolate.
                  Their sale section is very good for candy that is "dated" they do tell you the expiry dates for those but they are like 75% off many times and are usually good for cooking and baking also if you want something inexpensive.

                  The only thing that sucks is the lack in descriptions for anything as they are mainly a distributor company and sell to stores (which is why they have so many bulk items).
                  But if you email them they are very good at answering any questions.

                  I really like their liqor fruits and also the Anise candy from Flavingy (not sure on spelling right now.....
                  )They also have bulk Haribo 2kg bags for around $30 or so and they are very fresh!

                  -chocodirect does not have an actual store though, they are in Montreal somewhere so shipping is very quick and they use Expresspost but probably have other services but in Montreal it took family 2 days to get their order....

                  -just wanted to note I have nothing to do with these 2 stores, just a very happy customer!
                  if you are on a "budget" I suggest buying from the sale section mainly,
                  but if you are not too concerned with money they have many interesting items like jams, tea ect.
                  Also I have never seen anything they sell at Candy Mountain as it is all European items they import themselves.

                  I have the Cherry Rocher rasberries in alcohol in my fridge right now.
                  I just need a cake or some ice cream to go with them.....

                  1. If you've never checked out Domino's, it might be worth a look. It's in St. Lawrence Market on the lower level. They have the full range of the standard items, gummi worms, jubes, jelly bellys etc., but also all kinds of unusual things, wrapped and unwrapped, a lot of it imported. I'm not big on candy as such but I love their selection of cookies and wafers and mini-chocs. It pays to poke around a bit because they have wacky stuff in almost every corner of the shop.

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                      Kinda jealous,
                      the Ottawa candy shops here suck and Candy Mountain had quite stale gummies last week and I hate that they do not list the ingredients and also they do not have Pizzaz jelly slices!
                      How can such a big candy shop NOT have those, they are made in Canada and always sell out in 1 or 2 days at the loblaws near me that stocks them in bulk.
                      Apparently Johnvince foods sells those, but they do not do mail order so boo-hoo...

                      If anyone has family in the US amazon.com also has a huge cheap candy selection.
                      They have jelly belly like beans by Gimbals for $35 for 10lbs.
                      I have tried some of the Gimbals gummy berry drops covered in crunchy sugar and they were very good.
                      I saw them at the grocery today and took all my will not to buy them !

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                        what's a Pizzaz jelly slice? if they sell out that fast they must be good!

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                          Here's a pic:

                          they are the best brand- exept for the artificial colors ect....still like them though.
                          I tried a similar jelly candy made from Agar (seaweed) and it was all natural and similar, but the pizzaz candy you could at least tell the flavors apart.

                          I guess some places on line call them Cavalier candies? in the US it seems..


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                            Hey, I spotted the Pizazz candies this morning at Domino's! Near the checkout, below the giant Lindt bars. Just like in the picture, but individually wrapped. I didn't get any myself - too busy loading up on mini Dolfin squares...

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                              How much does Dolfin go for.
                              I just bought 12- small 30 gram bars for $18 (plus tax) as they were on clearance.
                              I never knew you could buy Dolfin separately (then again I only buy it from 1 place online).

                              Those pizzaz jelly slices are good,but not t hat great as they are all artificial,so trying not to eat too many. If they are fresh and not hard they are good.

                              But I recently bought online some all natural fruit jellies and a 1kg box was $10 a great price considering they were made in France :)

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                                The little 4.5g squares are four for a dollar at Domino. Not the most cost-effective way to eat chocolate, but all that unwrapping helps to slow me down a little.

                                Their 30g bars are $2 but I've never tried them. A whole different lineup of flavours from the minis! Gonna check them out sometime.

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                        Excellent suggestion! Simplepieman is right that store is amazing for selection. The candy store also on the top level next to Carousel in the St Lawrence Market is also pretty decent.

                      3. I get very excited by the candy aisle in T&T. Pocky, Kasugai fruit gummies, Gummy Choco, Koala March, Kopiko, Ting Ting Jahe...

                        1. Avoid Suckers on the Danforth. Items stale and shop is often out of stock on basics. In fact, every time I've been looking for something specific they've been "sold out." Black shoestring, Ring Pops, etc. Too, when a friend and I asked to taste an ice cream he requested our taster sticks back and double-dipped them for a second taste. And that's the owner. In the east end I head to the Bulk Barn at Leslie/Lakeshore, in that Loblaws plaza.

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                            That's gross about the double-dipping, but I was just there literally two weeks ago and all the bulk candy I got was fresh. Maybe I just lucked out and only like the stuff that was fresh. Also, go to Dollarama for Ring Pops -- a whole bag for $1.00!

                          2. I'm surprised no one has mentioned Tutti Fruitti (I believe that is how it is spelt) on Yonge and College. Never been in but seen their massive sign from the streets. =D

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                              No one mentioned it because their candy is stale and disgusting.

                              1. re: canadianbeaver

                                Don't hold back Beaver...tell us what your really think of Tutti Frutti.