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Jul 7, 2009 01:38 PM

Portuguese cookware in Ironbound NJ


I have a day trip taking me into Newark airport. I was wondering if there are any Portuguese-focused cookware-ish stores in the Ironbound / Little Portugal district nearby? Looking for things like cazuealas, cataplanas.. more authentic shopping than Bed Bath and Beyond, I hope..

Any options you can think of? - Thx

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  1. According to buttertart elsewhere on this board "Seabras supermarkets in Newark, NJ carry quite a few Portuguese ceramic pieces, as does at least one of the stores on Ferry St."

    BTW, You can get an Airlink bus from Newark airport that will take you within two blocks of Ferry Street (and the Newark Hilton). Anyone can point you in the direction of the Ironbound. (It's the other side of Penn Station Newark). P.S. I used to work on Raymond Boulevard LOL.

    1. Ironbound isn't really close to the airport, and you will need either a taxi or your rent-a-car. Ferry Street is a primary location for all sorts of stores, and I recall seeing several that did have things for the kitchen...when I went ( a while back admittedly), the one store I went to had no cataplanas available...This is a really old article on the area from the NY Times but I bet that many of the places listed are still there: it's that kind of community.

      1. For the life of me, I can't remember the name of the store, but it's on the SE corner of Ferry and Madison Streets. It might just say Portugal in huge letters... OMG, through the magic of the street view on Google, there it is--Portugalia Sales! 124 Ferry St. :-) And yes, most of the supermarkets sell at least some cookware too. Stick your nose in to any stores that look interesting along the walk!

        Agree that you can/should take the Airlink TRAIN to Newark Penn, and then walk out the back door on to Ferry Street. The place I'm talking about is about 6 blocks down on the right. And if you turn right on to Madison St off of Ferry, you can have lunch/dinner/snack (my preference is at the bar) at Seabra Marisqueira, which is at 87 Madison Street.

        How much time do you have in between flights? This isn't a quick 1-hour run, but if you have a 3 hour gap, you'll be fine.

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          Its a day of business in Flanders, NJ so I can shoot in there after my flight arrives and then make my way West. thx for the options..