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Jul 7, 2009 01:36 PM

Cravings and Binges

Do any of you suddenly find yourself wanting a particular food and just can't stop eating it. I think I had a fish sandwich every day last week. I, the one who truly disdains salmon ate a portion on Sat. PM much to the consternation of many of my friends i was dining with. Sunday ws Vietnamese night and while I made Andrea Nguyen's corn dumplings, I made Corienne Trang's shrimp on sugar cane and some of Bobby Chin's caramel and ginger chicken wings...they may be a second favorite wing recipe here. Skate wing with brown butter and capers last night and i have a cedar plank soaking to grill some wild Copper River salmon on tonight. Maybe I will be takg a tuna sandwich with me for lunch tomorrow? I know it will end as suddenly as it started. It just took me by surprise.

No I am not pregnant. I'm 60 so I'd better not be!


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  1. Funny Candy because this happens to me to - with fish -
    For 2 weeks straight I craved and ate fish every weeknight. I never get fancy - I always simply grill it with nothing but a squeeze of lemon (unless it's tuna - I do get fancy with tuna!)
    hmmmmm now I'm guessed it!

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    1. re: NellyNel

      I'm that way with raw fish far more than cooked—will crave and gorge on sushi for days straight, then lose the craving for a couple of months, then it'll come back.

      I think we're all females—wonder if that's at all relevant? Like a need for Omega 3s or something?

      1. re: tatamagouche

        I also get sushi cravings, though DH does as well. However, DH and I eat mainly sushi rolls, with cooked and raw fish. For me, it's about the combination of the seaweed, sticky rice and fish that makes me crave it. Darn...we ordered in from a new and less-than-stellar place recently. Now I'm gonna have to order it from the go-to place soon!

        Cooked fish I like but never crave.

        I crave all sweet, bready baked items. Most recent has been chewy yet crisy oatmeal cookies. Just made a batch....yum

        1. re: amyvc

          Right there with you on the oatmeal cookies (mine have raisins, coconut and crystallized ginger too!). For the past three weeks, I've had batches of the cookie dough in my refrigerator, just waiting for the craving to hit so that I can pop some into the oven. Fresh, warm cookies...mmm!

          I've also had crazy cravings for egg tarts, steamed eggs and custards.

          1. re: amyvc

            I know what you mean about sushi cravings. think they put crack in the rice.

          2. re: tatamagouche

            Actually I crave sushi too!
            All the time!
            I love it and could eat it every day.

            I could live happily on sushi and pasta if I had to.

            One thing I DON'T crave is chocolate. Once in a blue moon I will fancy a little, but I never crave it the way some women (and men) do!

            1. re: NellyNel

              This is too funny. I crave sushi too! When I was pregnant sushi was the hardest thing for me to give up. Harder even than wine and coffee.

              And I don't crave chocolate at all. Once in a very very very great while I will have a small craving, but then I just need a small piece of high-quality dark chocolate and I'm all set.

              1. re: dagwood

                "then I just need a small piece of high-quality dark chocolate and I'm all set."

                lol - totally ditto on that!

                1. re: dagwood

                  yeah i never ever crave chocolate or anything sweet-fatty etc don't know why but i always want something healthy and filling if i crave anything- actually probably not a bad thing

                2. re: NellyNel

                  I don't crave chocolate, either! Caramel, on the other hand...

            2. I occasionally get major cravings for tart apples, of all things. I'll have two or three a day for a week or so because they seem so refreshing and appealing. Then I won't eat them again for months. Weird.

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              1. re: ms. clicquot

                i went through a period of eating 6 tart granny smith apples a day- during a particularly hot aussie summer. very soothing :)

              2. I am that way with nuts. I get so bad that I eat them frozen straight from the freezer. My usual target: Almonds. But a couple years ago my mom was coming for Christmas and I bought a giant jar of macadamias and a beautiful box of almond bark. Guess who ate every last piece of candy and licked the container free of macadamia and salt bits? Gulp. Yep. Me. I could not fit into my dress I wanted to wear on Christmas day for family photos.

                That skate sounds so good. I wish I could get it here. Maybe I will do it with a calamari steak.

                1. Popeye's Fried Chicken......Monday and Tuesday Dark Meat special (20 pieces) with two Apple Pies for $15.99......or for any of their other Chicken specials when available.

                  1. It's nuts and dried fruit for me...if I didn't censor myself, I'd eat them non-stop with less than pleasant consequences for my stomach as experience has taught me...There was a time, when I was a student, when I would eat a whole box of raisins (400 grams) for dinner...not clever! I try to limit my consumption now to a few nuts a day and somer figs, dates and raisins on weekends but I still crave them all the time.

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                    1. re: Paula76

                      I'm the same way with dried fruit! I'd say it's my #1 craving. Just found dried strawberries at my local store and having gone through the entire bag in two days am now planning on majorly stocking up. In my case I am certain it's due to my extreme sweet tooth, in fact the dried fruit craving is preferrable to my equally bad jelly belly craving. Just swapped one for the other, probably about the same amount of sugar in both, but at least there may be some nutrients hidden in a dried pineapple.