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Jul 7, 2009 01:32 PM

Blood Sausage and Veal Bones(PDX)

I've done some searches, and wasn't able to find a similar question asked here. Anyone have a PDX source for blood sausage and veal bones? Or will I have to order off the internets? I've checked most of my local grocery stores (I'm on the westside), and nobody had anything, and/or were unwilling to special order for me. Any creative suggestions would be appreciated.

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  1. Do you have a particular country in mind for the blood sausage? I suspect Mexican is easiest to find. I've bought that from a 'carniceria' in the Seattle area. Their version was stuffed in a large intestine, and moderately spicy. That's quite different from the Scandinavian version which is on the sweet side. I've heard there's even a Korean version. In fact the CHOW software has found a recipe for this - see the side bar.

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      I was thinking along the lines of black pudding (UK), which would be more on the sweet side, as opposed to spicy. You are probably right, the Mexican variety would probably be the easiest to track down around here.

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        We've purchased blood-sausage looking/tasting British sausage regularly from a store in Lake Oswego. They're frozen, and from Britain. Store is "Lady Di" (or something like that) and is on 3rd or 4th street. Lots of other British goodies there as well -- that's where I get our Branston Pickle (which I absolutely adore).

        Now that you've reminded me, I think I've one still left in my freezer, need to get it out for breakfast tomorrow.

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          P.S. - The stuff in my freezer (from Lady Di in Lake Oswego) is Traditional Black Breakfast Pudding according to it's label.

          I do miss the blood sausage they used to have at Fetzer's when that store still existed in Beaverton.

    2. I would call the butcher shop called Chop in City Market and ask for Eric or Paula and see what they can do for you. There is also Laurelhurst Market, Phil's Uptown or Gartner's.

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        Thanks! I figured there had to be some decent butchers somewhere. I'll check them out.

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          Chop and Laurelhurst Market have boudin blanc; not quite sure where to go for boudin noir.

          I wonder if Sheridan's would also have something you're looking for, as they definitely have the bones as well as a bunch of others.

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            Someone was asking for British style black pudding on the Western Canada forum. Maybe you can take a holiday drive to Calgary. :)

        2. Chop Butchery & Charcuterie has boudin noir on hand now. It's a Cajun style with rice, a little spicy and killer. We can also get you veal bones at any time.

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          1. I've bought veal bones at Safeway but you have to special order them and then you have to buy 50 pounds at a time. Also the first 3 guys you talk to will tell you no and then the fourth one will know that they can special order them.

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              If the bones are needed to make a gelatin rich stock, how about substituting a few beef bones and a foot (cow or pig)?