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Jul 7, 2009 01:32 PM

east-side outdoor seating, solo diner, good cheap dinner

maybe my last post was too narrow -- so i will expand beyond vietnamese . basically, looking for some place I can sit by myself, outside (under an awning preferably in case showers persist) or at an open window counter, have a drink, and enjoy some quality, moderate priced "street food" (e.g. pizza, vietnamese noodles, paninis..)

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  1. This may be too late, but....

    Posto, on the corner of 2nd Av. & 18th St., serves very good thin crust pizza. There is sidewalk seating, but I'm not sure about the canopy.

    Lantern Thai is directly across the street. Very tasty food. There is seating in front of the open doors and on the sidewalk.

    'inoteca Cucina & Liquori Bar, on the corner of 3rd Av. & 24th St., serves paninis. Sidwalk seating, and I'm pretty sure there is a canopy.

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      Vermicelli, Vietnamese place with outdoor seating on 2nd Avenue in the East 80s. Not spectacular but not bad, but you've got everything else you want, east side, inexpensive, awning, streetside, comfortable. It's uncrowded but allows for people watching, thus good for one.

    2. What are your parameters for the "east side?" Thanks.

      1. cafecito should fit the bill if the far east side does. not tons of outdoor seating, but an outdoor bench with a counter in generally available. if there aren't any open spots walk another block to cafe esperanto, or get a cheap outdoor burger at royale.

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          Cafe Orlin on St. Marks has an outdoor seating under an awning. Food is pretty decent and well priced.