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Jul 7, 2009 01:25 PM

Buckhead -where to eat

I am going to be in Buckhead in a few weeks and my 17 year old daughter and Bf want to go somewhere good to eat- medium price range- they eat pretty much anything- can you name some places that are popular right now- and if we can make a reservation-don't want to sit around waiting on a table forever-thanks

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  1. Throw a rock in any will hit a good restaurant. In Buckhead, you will never be more than two blocks from good food.

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      thanks- i guess I was wanting some recommendations- plan to try Paul's or Georgia Grille

    2. My guess is that a 17 y/o might like the Buckhead Diner. You will too.

      1. Buckhead Diner is very good. There is Anis, very good. For great cuban Coco Loco.
        Houston's is a chain, but I do love everything on the menu.

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          I agree Houston's is a good choice for mid price $12 - $25 entrees - be sure to get the traditional salad - with most entrees it's discounted a bit - excellent blue cheese dressing. 4 locations, 3 near Buckhead - Lenox location has valet parking which I avoid - Peachtree Rd or West Paces have easy parking - look here:
          But go early around 6PM or before to avoid waiting. I don't know if they take reservations. Reviews here:

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            Should have added you can turn Houstons "mid-price" into much higher price by ordering some of some entrees and add-ons like starters, soup, salad, drink, extra veggie, dessert . Don't know about you, but 17 yo's won't be ordering beer/wine/etc. When I don't get a beer I just order water - I go for the food. The Houston's web site (above) has location maps and menus so check them out.

        2. I'd consider Nava. I took some younger people there last year and they loved it. Nava will take a reservation, Buckhead Diner will only take "priority seating". Food is great at both.

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            I've made the heavenly white chocolate banana cream pie (recipe made available via Southern Living) that the Buckhead Diner made famous. One day I plan to eat there. Thanks for the link.