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Jul 7, 2009 12:28 PM

Susty's in Northwood, NH

I am not a vegetarian at this time but after eating at this place, I could easily become one. The food is fantastic. The soy fritter appetizer was so amazing, tasted better than hush puppies. My wife had the fajitas and the dish was out of this world delicious. i had the bean burrito which had so many tremendous flavors, I would say the best burritio I have ever had. I live on the north shore of Massachusetts and will now take weekend trips just to eat at this establishment. A true hidden gem.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up!

      1. We decided to stop by Susty's last week, and the food was great! This place isn't just vegetarian, though - it's vegan, and darned good.

        When we walked in, the place was hot (the air conditioning was having a tough time keeping up with the heat), and there weren't many people in there. Just a woman with two little kids having dessert, and a family picking up a takeout meal.

        There was little ambiance - they need something for the walls! - and my husband was getting worried that this was going to be not only a dud, but a hot one as well...

        We looked at the menu, and based on what I'd heard about the soy fritters, we got a small order. I got the enchiladas and my husband got the stir-fried veggies with seitan.

        The soy fritters came out, and they were awesome! Puffy, crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, flavored with herbs and served with a tofu tartar sauce. We were impressed.

        The enchiladas were great - the sauce was fantastic, and the tortillas were perfect. My husband's stir-fried veggies were also tasty, and it was nice to see that the brown rice was perfectly cooked. (So many times we get undercooked brown rice at these kinds of places.) Everything was flavorful.

        We got a slice of the chocolate pie to go - again, another winner.

        Aside from the heat, this was among one of the most perfect vegetarian meals I've ever had. If I lived closer, I'd be here regularly!

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          We drove around looking for this place, but couldn't find it. Our GPS was of no help. Is it near the corner with the Hannafords?

          1. re: whs

            whs, you were only a well-struck 4 iron from Susty's.

            I can't say much about the food as I have no appreciation of the genre. My one experience told me that I don't like that sort of cuisine. So as my grandmother told me, if you can't say something nice....

            Its a cool setting in a spot that has nothing else near it. I want them to do well - they seem nice, and they've been doggin' it out for years in a tough location. It's just not "food" to me. I take it from the atmosphere, those who are inclined for a vegan situation, will probably like it.

        2. I read in local listings that the place is for sale, so you better get there soon.

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          1. re: bewley

            Where is it?

            We drove from Montreal to Maine and looked for it our last drive through and could not find it!!!

            We are driving to Maine again on Thursday...can someone tell me where it is?

            1. re: spankyhorowitz

              It's in a brown building that looks like a house. It has a florist shop in the front and it's on the south side of the street-- across from Hannafords, but near the intersection.