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Jul 7, 2009 12:23 PM

Good Eats at Bay/College

I just moved to the Bay/College area and am looking for suggestions on quick bites or a neighbourhood restaurant worth checking out. I am open to all types of cuisine, except for my aversion to fast food/chain restaurants. Thank you!

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  1. I used to work there and it's pretty slim pickings nearby...I used to walk down to Elm Street. There's Oro which is good and a few other places along there....

    1. They just opened a new resto on the corner of Elizabeth and College - Mercatto - nice Italian and very near you. If you go S on Bay and turn R on Gerrard, there is a cute mediterranean sandwich place "Something to talk about", I think is it's name. Also, almost next door is Mt. Fuji, pretty decent sushi. There is a salad place right in College Park "Lettuce"?, visible on College by Yonge. You will also notice Pogue Mahone's which is a noisy type bar w/ pubfare. However, you are so close to Yonge - try the Korean Grill Time and as long as you're rainbow friendly, there is an amazing Thai restaurant on Church btwn Carlton and Wellesley on the W. side right next door to Baskin and Robins. That should get you started and exploring a bit. If you have a car or bike, I can suggest a few places on Parliament. No shortage of good food in your radius.

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        Is this the same "Mercatto" as on the east side of Bay at Adelaide?

          1. re: Dimbulb

            Thanks... I have done okay at the Bay location a couple of times. I'll try this one out.

            (And just to correct my post above--it's the west side of Bay, not the east side.)

            1. re: markdsgraham

              I'm not sure that this location is open evenings or weekends. There's another Mercatto next to Terroni on Adelaide east also.

              1. re: SMOG

                Mercatto is on Toronto Street, around the corner from Terroni - not next to Terroni on Adelaide.

      2. Kenzo Ramen just opened up near Elizabeth and Dundas. Our experience was similar to the recent thread on this board- slooow service (forgivable since it was their grand opening) but delicious food.

        1. I really like Pi-Tom (Thai) on Alexander St. just off Yonge. That was my #1 go-to pick when I worked at Yonge & College.

          Also Hair of the Dog (pub food) on Church and Hornero (Italian/Argentinean) on Yonge & Maitland are pretty good. Cocina Lucero (Mexican) right across the street from Hornero has gotten (deservedly) mixed reviews here. The food is good, service not so much.

          On occasion I used to visit Hoops (Yonge just north of College) for half-price wings Tuesdays and Thursdays. Overall I have a hard time recommending this place as you will literally see an entirely new waitstaff every single time you visit, even if you go weekly, so you can imagine the level of service. I don't know what they do to cause this level of turnover but it's crazy. Food isn't terrible though, and it's cheap (and was very convenient to my old office).

          The College Park food court is pretty terrible and I'm not a big fan of Pogue Mahone—loud, overpriced, poor service, so-so food.

          Fran's gets a lot of venom on here although I've had some decent (by no means excellent) experiences. It's not so bad if you need to get in and out quickly, particularly if you stick to something relatively simple and don't expect haute cuisine.

          Hope this helps.

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          1. re: voodoomusic

            Agree on Pi Tom. Great lunch combos and not at all expensive.

            Agree that the College Park food court is bad. Although there's always a line up at KFC/Taco Bell, lol.

            Disagree about Pogue Mahone. Have been there dozens of times and the food has always been good and service friendly and quick. Yes, it's loud, but that's because it's always busy in there. Love their liver special on Thursdays.

            1. re: Sooeygun

              agreed re: pogue. it's pretty hopping! the food is great for a pub. and i have been there a couple of times *just* for the liver special. there is something about the balsamic reduction and sweetness of the liver. yum!

          2. I am a block north of you but Pi-Tom's is, for me, the best neighbourhood restaurant around here. I also like Ethiopia House on Irwin. Other than that, I am not as upbeat about the offerings in the immediate vicinity as are some others. I've noticed a few positive mentions of Hernando's Hideway (on Yonge) here on this board but still haven't found an appropriate time to try it. You are probably far enough south to check out some of the Baldwin St spots.

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            1. re: markdsgraham

              Hernando's has wickedly good margaritas - one of the few places I will still drink one outside of my own home. The food is good in a guilty pleasure, Canadian Cal-Mex kind of way.