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Jul 7, 2009 12:22 PM

Pittsburgh-Dining alone

I'm from NYC and will be visiting Pittsburgh this Thursday-Saturday. Thursday night, I will be having dinner on my own. Any suggestions for a female dining alone? I'm a vegetarian (seafood okay) and will not be drinking since I'll be designated driver later in the evening. I'm looking at spending about $25 for app & entree excluding tip/tax. Doesn't have to be a large meal - I fill up quickly. I will have a car (van, actually), so I can drive anywhere, but I am not familiar with the area.

Also, any suggestions on places for dessert after dinner would be great. Thank you!

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  1. Your $25 limit makes it a bit difficult with app included. For another $5-10 dollars you may do well. Try the websites for Sonoma Grille, Lidia's, Palate, or Atria's, all downtown, in safe areas. I've been to all(very good) and they should accommodate solo diners well. Many more places if you can venture into the Oakland(University of Pittsburgh/CMU) section of town or Squirrel hill -further out but still not too far from downtown. Others to consider are Dish and Bruschetta's on the Southside+ many others. All should be safe if you stay on the main streets and avoid to far into back streets. C'mon friendly Pittsburghers, help this lady out!

    1. While I haven't been to Dinette myself, I've read nothing but good things about it.

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        Look into Soba in Shadyside and Kaya in the Strip, . Soba may challenge your budget, but they typically have some nice vegetarian meals plus there are 2 bars at which a solo diner can eat. Kaya is a fun place where you can sit at the bar and get some decent vegetarian meals within your budget. Sonoma Grille is a good option as you can piece together a vegetarian meal as they offer some non-traditional menu options. If you are OK with seafood, I suggest Monterey Bay on Mt Washington as they have great food, an awesome view, and a bar area where singles can dine. Might be a challenge to you budget, again.

      2. I think you should avoid the higher end restaurants because a) it will probably be more than $25, and b) they don't compare to NYC. Instead, I think you should focus on local places that serve regional food. Sorry, I'm not familiar with vegetarian cuisine so I can't recommend anything.

        1. I would say sit at the bar at Point Brugge (Point Breeze), good food, nice warm atmosphere. Belgian food-so their mussells and frites are awesome...Also have some other nice seafood dishes.

          Dinette is nice as well--a little more industrial looking, but their pizza's are good.

          Also Piccolo Forno in Lawrenceville. Italian--good brick oven pizzas and pasta dishes. Very warm, casual. I've eaten there by myself a few times.

          1. If you don't mind me asking, in what part of town are you planning to stay? There are quite a bit of good options for eating alone around town (I do it all the time). But I don't want to send you driving all over the place, or driving farther than you have to.

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              Thanks for all the suggestions! I'm open to not eating app and entree if the apps are large. I can usually fill up after eating 1 of 2 appetizers at a mid-high- end restaurant (aka - smaller portions). I'm also a fan of piecing together a few bar bites to make a meal.

              Point Brugge and Dinette seem to fit my criterias. I've also heard great things about the Big Burrito restaurant group, so I may visit one of the restaurants for a meal with my boyfriend. If there are any other suggestions, I'm eager to learn about them!

              I'm staying at Hyatt Place by the airport, but I'm going to be in the downtown or Oakland area that evening. What do you consider safe/unsafe?

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                There isn't a restaurant worth mentioning in the area that you should worry about your safety. In my opinion at least.

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                  Very true, nothing that's unsafe. I guess someone brought that up because you're a solo female, but I can't think of anything to worry about either. I think Dinette would be great for the solo dinner. Just pick a pizza that sounds good and you'll be set. It's about the right size to eat by yourself if you have nothing else.

                  If it were Friday dinner I would suggest Quiet Storm since it's all veggie But they are only open late on Fridays and Saturdays. Any other day would be a very early dinner.