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Jul 7, 2009 12:00 PM

Au Pied du Cochon's seafood platters?

I've been to Picard's gastronomic paradise several times but never for his seafood platters. I am going in couple of weeks and was wondering how many they feed? How damn good they actually are? How much they fill you up? etc. They range in prices...

seafood platters

Plateau PDC 49.00 $
Plateau du Plateau 90.00 $
Plateau des Plateaux 140.00 $
Le Grand Bleu 260.00 $
Le Gros Verrat 350.00 $

Any thought, experiecnces, advice would be very much appreciated...thanks and happy eating!

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  1. My GF and I had the pleateau des plateaux and it was enough for the two of us... though, i didnt think it was that amazing, since most of the oysters/clams had grit in them and it seemed like the oyster shucker was inexperienced as I had a few oysters with shell pieces all over it.

    Maybe it was because it was on a Sunday and the regular guy who does it wasnt in? or is it because APDC isnt usually a seafood place... not sure... the deepfried headcheese we had for appetizer was great though, so I will probably only stick to his usual fatty stuff next time... (i also dont like how much stuff is put on top of the seafood, cant really taste the natural flavours, maybe a preference thing though)

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      Thanks for the might've swayed me to fatty side. Headcheese sounds great Jamie Kennedy sells a great one here in Toronto.