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Jul 7, 2009 11:40 AM

Berghoff has re-opened?

We lived for many years in Chicago and will be visiting again soon. Heard a few years ago the Berghoff closed, but now is re-open. Food any good? Menu online looks the same, would like to visit, but want some CH recs first. Will be visiting the Art Institute and this would be a good place for an early dinner. Any comments? Thanks!

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  1. It reopened a few years ago in a revised format not long after it closed. The bar is relatively similar to what it used to be (room & layout haven't changed) and the bar menu is about the same. The downstairs cafeteria is hit or miss. I wouldn't go out of my way to visit. It's a block from my office so I'll stop by occasionally but it's not like what it used to be.

    If you want a nice dinner, drop by The Gage, just North of the Art Institute on the West side of Michigan Avenue (duh).

    1. It's not the original one any more. Food in the restaurant is just so so. Cafeteria downstairs is just a place to grab a quick lunch. Nothing special overall.

      1. The Gage is an excellent suggestion.

        You might also want to try the Atwood on Washington and State. Upscale comfort food. Very good.

        The Gage
        24 South Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60603

        Atwood Cafe
        1 West Washington St., Chicago, IL 60602

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          Glad to hear the Atwood is still going strong. We have done this several times for brunch before a Sunday matinee theatre show.

        2. I loved the old Berghoff for over 40 years and when it re-opened I found that I could still get my favorite vienerschnitzel, red cabbage and German potatoes so I was a happy camper. Other standard dishes seemed the same also. And the root beer is still great along with the bread and pickles. So I would definitely consider giving it a chance when you come into town. Don

          1. Ex-H's gread grandfather settled in Chicago in 1865 at the end of the Civil War and was a big macher in late 19th century Chicago stuff. He adored the Berghoff, according to family lore, and being of German Jewish descent, adored the cuisine they served. He died in 1929, just after Black Thursday.

            In the early 90's we took our 2 DDs there one time for lunch. DD1, who was about 7, had been raised on family history and knew of this. When a very elderly waiter came to our table, she asked him if he had known great grandpa Adolf. The waiter didn't miss a beat and proclaimed yes indeed, his favorite was winer schnitzel, creamed spinach and apple strudel. We knew he was kidding, but DD1 was most impressed.

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                That is a great story...and a very clever and quick thinking waiter.