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Jul 7, 2009 11:29 AM

Food Spots Broadcasting the Tour de France

My husband and I recently moved from Jamaica Plain to Malden, and in the process decided to sell our television and get rid of our cable TV. Now, of course, we both wish we'd kept our TV for another few months so we could watch the Tour de France.

Rather than re-investing in TV and cable, we're on the hunt for places that are broadcasting the bike race! Bars and pubs are ideal, since we'll want to loiter and drink beers for at least a few hours during the nighttime coverage.

So tell me: Have you seen any local dining spots in and around Boston dedicated to broadcasting the Tour? Obviously we're partial to places in or around Malden or the surrounding towns, but we'll make our way to other parts of the city for clutch stages. Or, god forbid, my parents' house in the 'burbs.

Thanks in advance for helpin' a girl out!

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  1. I saw on Wheelworks' website that they are doing a joint project with Brasserie Jo on Huntington Ave in the So. End. Check the Brasserie Jo website for details...

    1. Redbones in Davis Square, Somerville, has always made a big deal out of broadcasting the race and hosting events relating to it. Not sure if they still do...

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        Redbones website says:
        Tour de France
        Breakfast and a Broadcast
        Stage 16 - Tuesday, July 21 @ 9:00 am

        Save the date - there's only one Tour Breakfast
        this year.

        Ride in solo or with a group. Watch a live broadcast of the Mountain Stage Martigny - Bourg-Saint-Maurice while enjoying a buffet breakfast. $8.00 per person.

        55 Chester St, Somerville, MA 02144

      2. Awesome, thanks! So sad, but not surprising, that so few places actually care about the Tour.

        I think I remember running into the broadcast a few times at Cambridge 1 (Harvard Sq) last year, too. And Jeanie Johnston in JP has "Tour de France Party Night" on July 21st--including Tour trivia!

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          I don't know that it is a case of not caring. The live event takes place before many spots open for business, and the nightime coverage is just an extended recap. It runs as a repeat several times a day every day of the Tour as well. I'm surprised there are as many events as are listed here, hope you get to one of them.

        2. Definitely check out Brasserie Jo. They've been celebrating the Tour for years and they're a great place to hang out and watch the coverage. They actually offer special menus of regional dishes that match the areas of France where the riders are. Today (July 8th), for example, the race is in Languedoc and the Jo is offering a cassoulet special.

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          1. re: lescaret

            Now that's what I'd call a place that cares about the Tour!