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Grilled veal chops, pork chops or lamb chops

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Which restaurant(s) in Montreal for great grilled veal chops, pork chops or lamb chops? Tried grilled lamb chops in some Montreal restaurants before, so looking for more ideas. Rarely I have ever ordered grilled veal chops or pork chops. I see Lesley highly recommended Lucca's restaurant grilled veal chop, in this past Saturday's Montreal Gazette.

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  1. I was surprised at how good the lamb chops were at Bottega, since I thought they were just going to be all about pizza. Can't give you a rec for the other two though.

    1. I had Lucca's veal chop a couple of years ago and it was wonderful.

      Another good one (also not enjoyed recently enough, by no fault of the restaurant's): Philinos.

      1. da vinci has an excellent (and pricey) veal chop

        1. Both Lemeac and Mas des Oliviers do excellent veal but neither is inexpensive.

          1. I had a great grilled pork chop at le continental on St.Denis.