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Jul 7, 2009 10:50 AM

Petite Thuet - King & Yonge

OnDaGo posted earlier about this latest Thuet outpost opening today, but for some reason it was removed. Anyway, I just passed by to check it out and it's a welcome addition to the financial district in my opinion. Good selection of croissants etc, desserts, deli sandwiches (at a cursory glance, ranging from $6 - $11), prepared foods, and of course the breads.

A film crew was in evidence, which was off-putting, but no doubt that won't be a regular occurrence.

There is a small seating area for those wishing to enjoy a coffee & croissant on site.

Ever since Le Pain Quotidien in the PATH closed I've been bemoaning the lack of a decent croissant nearby, so this is a relief. And for those ultra Type A Bay St folks, it opens at 6am (not sure if it's open that early on weekends though, or at all).

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  1. woo. close to me! ... this is bad for the waist line...

      1. re: westhead74

        South side of King, just west of Yonge. I believe it's 1 King West.

      2. does anyone know if they carry macarons at the king/yonge location?

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        1. re: apple_pie

          They do have macarons. Saw them this morning.

          It's a lovely spot. I agree with dxs that it's a welcome addition to the neighbourhood. Alos a selection of steaks and prepared foods to pick up after work.

          1. re: EarlyDrive

            Will have to go for sure - any idea what their hours are on weekdays and if open on weekends?

            1. re: westhead74

              7am - 8pm Monday to Fri, Weekends 9am-7pm

          2. re: apple_pie

            Actually I just had them today. They are too small (size of a walnut), too light (no "chew" to speak of), and the pistachio one had a filling that's getting stale. The blackberry one had a nicer flavour.

          3. The original comment has been removed
            1. I'd be interested to know how far in advance their pre-packaged sandwiches are made and whether they are prepared on site or at a central location. I'll ask next time I go in, but if anyone else can shed some light...

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              1. re: dxs

                Sandwiches are prepared off-site. Age depends on how quickly they sell. Really.

                1. re: Prok

                  Thanks. My recommendation to anyone thinking of plonking down good coin for a sandwich is that they should first ask when it was prepared. I'd elaborate, but seeing as they've been open for just a few days I don't want to rush to any judgement.

                  1. re: dxs

                    Yup. When Marc's food is good, it's often the best in the city. When it's bad, it's just as bad as anything else out there. Consistency is not his strong suit. IMO he's a little over-extended. Was at Atellier a couple of weeks ago & had a truly lacklustre meal. Mediocre food & horrendously rude and slow service.

                    1. re: Prok

                      Tried one of the sandwiches today. It was one of the panini pressed sandwiches. I'm certain they're not made onsite and have no idea whether it was made the same-day, but I can say that it was absolutely fresh. The bread tasted as though it was made fresh 10 mins before I walked in. Crunchy, buttery and full of robust flavour. I highly recommend the sandwiches!

                      1. re: SMOG

                        I agree wholeheartedly. The sandwiches are truly fantastic. I would say by far the best in the area in terms of quality.