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Petite Thuet - King & Yonge

OnDaGo posted earlier about this latest Thuet outpost opening today, but for some reason it was removed. Anyway, I just passed by to check it out and it's a welcome addition to the financial district in my opinion. Good selection of croissants etc, desserts, deli sandwiches (at a cursory glance, ranging from $6 - $11), prepared foods, and of course the breads.

A film crew was in evidence, which was off-putting, but no doubt that won't be a regular occurrence.

There is a small seating area for those wishing to enjoy a coffee & croissant on site.

Ever since Le Pain Quotidien in the PATH closed I've been bemoaning the lack of a decent croissant nearby, so this is a relief. And for those ultra Type A Bay St folks, it opens at 6am (not sure if it's open that early on weekends though, or at all).

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  1. woo. close to me! ... this is bad for the waist line...

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        South side of King, just west of Yonge. I believe it's 1 King West.

      2. does anyone know if they carry macarons at the king/yonge location?

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          They do have macarons. Saw them this morning.

          It's a lovely spot. I agree with dxs that it's a welcome addition to the neighbourhood. Alos a selection of steaks and prepared foods to pick up after work.

          1. re: EarlyDrive

            Will have to go for sure - any idea what their hours are on weekdays and if open on weekends?

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              7am - 8pm Monday to Fri, Weekends 9am-7pm

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            Actually I just had them today. They are too small (size of a walnut), too light (no "chew" to speak of), and the pistachio one had a filling that's getting stale. The blackberry one had a nicer flavour.

          3. I'd be interested to know how far in advance their pre-packaged sandwiches are made and whether they are prepared on site or at a central location. I'll ask next time I go in, but if anyone else can shed some light...

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              Sandwiches are prepared off-site. Age depends on how quickly they sell. Really.

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                Thanks. My recommendation to anyone thinking of plonking down good coin for a sandwich is that they should first ask when it was prepared. I'd elaborate, but seeing as they've been open for just a few days I don't want to rush to any judgement.

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                  Yup. When Marc's food is good, it's often the best in the city. When it's bad, it's just as bad as anything else out there. Consistency is not his strong suit. IMO he's a little over-extended. Was at Atellier a couple of weeks ago & had a truly lacklustre meal. Mediocre food & horrendously rude and slow service.

                  1. re: Prok

                    Tried one of the sandwiches today. It was one of the panini pressed sandwiches. I'm certain they're not made onsite and have no idea whether it was made the same-day, but I can say that it was absolutely fresh. The bread tasted as though it was made fresh 10 mins before I walked in. Crunchy, buttery and full of robust flavour. I highly recommend the sandwiches!

                    1. re: SMOG

                      I agree wholeheartedly. The sandwiches are truly fantastic. I would say by far the best in the area in terms of quality.



            2. I went this morning, in hopes of finding a decent macaron. I have to say that I wasn't too impressed when I looked into the case: the sizes were not consistent, some were broken or crumbled and they lacked the glossy sheen. I bought two to try: pistachio and mango. The pistachio was waaaay too sweet and disintegrated to mush once I bit into it. Not good, not good at all. The mango tasted more like lemon (!) but the shells were actually decent, with a nice chew, although it could be a little more "crisp" when taking the first bite.

              I also bought some pain au chocolats and a baguette for dinner tonight. Their bread selection was small; I was hoping to buy a potato loaf. Oh well.

              Go early if you want an almond crossaint! They were sold out by the time I went (10-ish),

              Also, dxs, I saw a woman carrying in trays of sandwiches, etc. so to answer your question, I don't think they make them on site.

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                Picked up a couple of macarons with my coffee and pain au chocolat this morning. The salted caramel one was terrible - stale, fell apart when I bit into it, and didn't have any salted flavour at all. The PB&J one was delicious - fresh with a strongly PB flavoured filling with a little dollop of jam in the middle. I couldn't quite identify what kind of jam it was though - a dark berry that could have been a mixture of blueberry and something else? I should also note that the service there has been pretty off each time I've been. It might be my fault but I can't seem to get the guy to understand my coffee order (which is just a medium sized dark roast!)

                On a positive note, it seems as though this place is staying open this weekend. Great for me because as a result of "working from home", I'm actually closer to the security perimeter that I would be otherwise!

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                  Management of that particular store appears to have changed. Used to be run by a couple guys that really knew what they were doing. I have seen either of them around for a long time. Appears that they've both been replaced by Marc Thuet's daughter. She's really good, but not always around. I've only gone in during lunch and have always had great service.

                  609 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V1M5, CA

              2. I stopped in for a pain au chocolat and coffee this morning on my way to SLM. I'm really no expert, but I thought it was fine. MUCH better than what I had at Le Pain Quotidien (Eglinton West) last month. I agree with the OP, a nice addition to the area.

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                  So it's better than a chain "bakery" that ships their wares in a reefer truck. Good on them.

                2. I've been in a couple times and am very happy to have them in the neighborhood. Especially on Sundays when SLM is closed because there's not much besides chains open then.

                  I hadn't had Thuet's pastries at the other locations so can't judge vs. those but what I've sampled so far was very nice. I had an almond croissant the first time and a jam croissant the second. Both times they were crispy on the outside and flaky/buttery on the inside. The filling in the almond was truly decandent and the chopped roasted almonds on top had a lot of flavor. They're giving coffee free with pastries as an opening special so I gave it a try and was pleasantly surprised. I'm notoriously picky about brewed coffee and this was a nice dark roast with good flavor. Not perfect, but I'd order it on its own, which I can't say about most brewed coffees even in good coffee houses.

                  I also picked up a turkey and stilton sandwich one day and it was nice. Definitely fresh, with a chewy multigrain baguette, real turkey (not deli meat), and a nice stinky stilton.

                  So thumbs up from me for a better alternative than Starbucks & Tim's in a neighborhood that really needed one.

                  1. Meringues so glossy and gorgeous--and enormous! Dry all the way through; little trace of vanilla. Accordingly, may be to egg-y for some.

                    1. My wife and I picked up a pain au chocolat and a regular croissant today. Walked them home in the paper bag and ate them about 2 hours later, and I was sure they would be soggy by then, but no... they were great. Soft inside, crisp and flaky outside, and the little pieces of chocolate were fantastic. I'm no French pastry expert but these were delicious. I will be happy to return.

                      1. Has anyone tried the jams? They range from $7 to $30+. $30+? Wow. I'm curious, but not curious enough to actually buy one of the crazy priced ones.

                        1. I dropped in yesterday just to have a look. Just seemed like another upscale niche grocery boite. I might try their lobster roll sandwich at some point, just because I'm a sucker for lobster rolls. But, is he claiming one or more of his kitchens are making everything in the store?

                          If so, has anyone tried their cook at home foods? I'm always on the lookout for decent pre-cooked food, and was curious, some of the things they had on display looked OK.

                          1. Are their beef among the best in the city? What caught my was their well marbled rib-eyes aged 60 days I was told, but it's very expensive. Are they wet or dry-aged?

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                              The beef is dry-aged. I haven't purchased steaks from the King/Yonge location but I have purchased from the Liberty Village location and they were outstanding. Very expensive but excellent.

                              I took home the meat lasagne the other day from Petite. $18 for a large tray -- enough for 4 people. It was delicious but, to my taste, a little too rich. It tasted like there was a bechamel but the dude in the store told me that only the veggie lasagne had a bechamel.

                              Also tried the pork liver prune walnut pate -- $7.50 for a decent-sized slab. Very tasty.

                            2. Tried their Dessert with Coffee Deal yesterday. Was disappointed no where near Rahier. Have heard a lot about the baguette will give it a try when I get a chance.

                              1. Tried a lobster sandwich combo with Potato and Speck salad today at the Yonge/King location and it came to 11 dollars including tax but was totally worth it. The sandwich was large, on fabulous baguette roll, and had lots of lobster. The salad was a very filling portion and very very good. I will be a regular. They have a selection of take out dishes for dinner as well, plus some steaks etc. that need to be cooked.

                                I was told they close at 6pm but that may just be weekends.

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                                1. re: Cat123

                                  Sounds like it's worth the splurge. Will drop by one of these days~

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                                    I haven't bought lunch yet - but stopped by one afternoon for a snack and bought the raisin bun/danish? It was SOOO SOFT and light and delicious!! What's better is they are doing a promotion now, so you get a free coffee with the purchase of any pastry.

                                    I used to satisfy my cravings at Baguette because it was right downstairs.. but I'll never buy another danish from there again! Petite Thuet's are sooo nice and light and don't leave you with this fat feeling afterwards...

                                    BUT! I ate a pain au chocolat from the one near Summerhill once and it gave me really bad heartburn. I"m still afraid to touch another croissant from there. I will still return for the raisin bun though.

                                    1. re: hippotatomus

                                      I can vouch for all of the croissants. Sorry to hear about your bad experience, but I would certainly give it another shot. Either of the plain, almond or chocolate are the real deal, ultimate french croissants. Buttery, fluffy, light, soft and chewy centre with a slightly crispy exterior. Just the right amount of dark chocolate. And as you mentioned, when they throw in a free coffee, it's a no brainer! Go for it!!!



                                      1. re: lunchboy

                                        I went back almost every day for the last 2 weeks I was at work. I became soo addicted to their croissants after one of the servers recommended the chocolate almond croissant.. I think I was somehow lucky because the chocolate almond croissant that day was in a crescent shape and the almond and chocolate were blended together to form a creamy filling with a milky chocolate colour. I went back many days afterwards to get the same croissant but always the almond and chocolate were separated.. and the croissant was in the pain au chocolat shape... Not sure what happened that miraculous day.. but I hope they do it again.

                                        They don't always have the chocolate almond croissant though..you have to go in on the right ay. other days when they didn't have it I would just settle for the almond croissant or the raisin bun...

                                        FYI: I've also tried the lobster sandwich and I don't think it's all that great. Just a pinch too salty - especially since they use sea salt which are pretty big chunks so you get hit with quite a bit of salt in some bites.

                                  2. re: Cat123

                                    $11 for a lobster roll with a side salad is a steal! I've paid 8 or 9 bucks for a non-lobster sandwich and salad at places near my office like Avenue Cafe and Mangiacake.

                                    1. re: gregclow

                                      To further prove my point - I paid $10 and change today for an eggplant parm sandwich and side pasta salad at Mercatto.

                                      They were very good, but no lobster. ;)

                                  3. My wife and I picked up two sandwiches from Petite Thuet for lunch today, a lobster salad sandwich ($9) and a ham and cheese sandwich ($7). I ate half of each: thumbs up to both sandwiches, which were extremely fresh and loaded with generous amounts of toppings.

                                    The lobster one was quite rich, lots of recognizable chunks of lobster meat along with butter, mayo, and green onions. The only downside was a couple pockets of extreme saltiness; not sure what those were. No big deal, though. The ham and cheese was also excellent, with a really nice ham (almost like a roast pork) and a nice tasting (but not overpowering) mustard.

                                    Best of all though were the breads: the lobster roll came on a very soft bread with a dark glazing. The ham on a crustier baguette-type roll. Two extremely different breads, both fantastic.

                                    At just over $16, tax included for both sandwiches, I think it was a pretty good deal. You could easily pay about the same amount for a sandwich at Mr. Sub that might be a tad bigger but would be a whole lot more mediocre.

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                                    1. re: Gary

                                      That's a very good point on the price! I agree that the value is fantastic. I'm surprised that all their prices include tax. You're looking at $6+ for a chicken sub, which works out to the same price as an astronomically better sandwich at Thuet. I really do think that the value is terrific.



                                    2. I purchased a steak from there and was very disappointed. The meat had a strange flavor and was inferior to a lot of the other aged meat I have tried (Healthy Butcher, Cumbraes, Fresh & Wild, to name a few).

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                                      1. re: Hmm

                                        How did you cook it? Dry aged beef (that is aged a long time) should not be cooked passed medium rare or even rare and the dry "crust" should be cut off before cooking.

                                        1. re: OnDaGo

                                          Well, they claimed it was 60 day dry-aged but it did not have the characteristic darkness I would expect. I cooked it the oven/grill hybrid method (ala Mark Bittman) to slightly below medium rare.

                                          The meat had a very funky/gamey smell and taste for beef. I come from a family of hunters and the taste was as strong as some of the wild venison I have had. I find that aged steaks DO develop a distinct flavor but this was different.

                                      2. Had the Turkey & Brie Sandwich and a Macchiato.
                                        The baguette tastes amazing, a bit too much of their mayonnaise/bernaise sauce (?)...well whatever that was, that with the brie made the sandwich too rich...real slices of turkey, not deli meat.
                                        The macchiato wasn't that great...actually, it was pretty bad...
                                        Haven't tried their coffee, but i'm tempted to try their croissant, so i might as well go for the deal.

                                        1. Freshness is a serious issue at this place. I don't think they have a very high turnover, which means some of the pastries stay in the display for several days, and a stale Opera or lemon tart isn't very appetizing. Croissants and pains au chocolat are very good, but the rest of the Viennoiserie is average. I once tried an egg sandwich, but couldn't finish it.

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                                            do they have the french onion soup that used to be at the atelier - it was so good. i want more

                                            1. re: getinmybelly911

                                              I've seen a jar of onion soup on display in the case, I believe for $12. Seems pricey.

                                              As to ghostdogg's comments on freshness, while I haven't tried any of the pastries other than the croissants, I have found everything else to be perfectly fresh. Tried a couple sandwiches and found them to be fresher than anywhere else in the area. I have never seen an egg sandwich there though. I would strongly suggest any of the gourmet sandwiches, either the boxed, fresh ones or the ones in the paper bag that they put on the panini press.

                                          2. Hi there - does anyone know how many tables there are at Petite Thuet? Thanks!

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                                              There are about 5 or 6 tables. It's a very small place.



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                                                Think couches and bar-stools... it's small.

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                                                  3 tables of two, a two seater couch with side tables and 5 barstools at a counter..

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                                                    Thanks lunchboy, jlunar and OnDaGo!

                                                2. I tried Petite Thuet out last Friday and my dining companion and I were happy with the tasty and generous sandwiches. Unfortunately the lobster roll was sold out by the time we got there (approximately 12:40), so instead we tried the chicken pesto hot panini, which was a special of the day, and the grilled veggie/goat cheese panini. We loved the ciabatta bun that enclosed both sandwiches. Crispy, firm crust, lovely spongy interior. I preferred the grilled veggie sandwich myself, as I thought the chicken was a little dry.

                                                  A sandwich is a sandwich but overall, Petite Thuet offers a very competitive lunch alternative to some of the other more established sandwiches places in the core.

                                                  1. I went by today for the first time. I wanted to try the smoked salmon wrap, but they did not have them today, so I got a Caprese Salad and a currant scone. The Caprese Salad was really good. Simple, with kalamata olives, boccincini, fresh tomatoes and sundried tomatoes and red onions and a balsamic vinegraitte. Not rocket science, but the ingredients were really fresh. The olives were (and I eat a lot of olives) were beautiful little briny nuggets, and some of the best I've had, I think. The currant scone is ok. I can make better scones. They are tiny too. This is not a bad thing because I won't be tempted too often to buy them. I will go back to try the sandwiches and for the salad.

                                                    1. I recently discovered Petite Thuet at 1 King W and am richer for it. Haven't tried the croissants yet, but their soups are divine...especially Mushroom White Truffle. The Lamb Shank Navarin is hearty and tasty - lots of meat and a great moist topping of scallop potatoe and fets. But the Beef Kobe with Sweetbreads is off the scale. It's full of flavour and gorgeous textures. My husband and I made one meal of 2/3'rds of it and then had the rest for brunch today diced and re-heated with a fried egg on top. The world's most gourmet hash! And all this for about the price of a large pizza with soggy ceasar.

                                                      Based on a small sized sample, we are serving their lemon tart to our dinner guests tonight.

                                                      White Truffle
                                                      139 Broadway, Orangeville, ON L9W1K2, CA

                                                      Petite Thuet
                                                      1 King St W, Toronto, ON M5J, CA