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Jul 7, 2009 10:36 AM

Ft. Lauderdale: Great Italian & Steak Places

Would love advice on great Italian & Steak restaurants in the Ft. Lauderdale area.

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  1. Bova on Las las Blvd........Great steaks and wonderful Italian.

    1. Steak 954 and Casa D'Angelo's are both great

      1. Cafe Vico on Federal Hwy is great for Italian. I also just had a great meal at Tarantella in Weston.

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          I would add Valentino's on Federal Hwy for italian. Chef Giovanni serves creative and wonderful food. The service is terrific too. This is a small restaurant so reservations are strongly suggested.

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            i second Valentino's. One of my favorite spots in FLauderdale

        2. I am not an italian fan but there are a few places I will go.

          Sapporisimo in Boca on Palmetto just west of the intercoastal is excellent and excels in service and rare cuts of meat. Had a white truffle pasta to die for. Shrimp with light gorgonzola sauce and meats such as buffalo and pheasant are wonderful.

          Casa D'Angelo as prevoiusly stated is also great. Love the Oso Bucco entree and Octopus Appetizer.

          As for steaks, I grill at home.

          1. The person who recommended Bova must be Bova himself, because that place was terrible, overpriced, and has the worst service. Been there twice.

            Jackson's Steakhouse on Las Olas is a much better choice. Highly recommend he chateubriand. I agree with others about Casa d'Angelo. And Steak 954 at the W is really great, but very pricey. I personally like Abe and Louie's in Boca for good steaks and just about anything else.