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Sep 30, 2004 07:04 PM

USDA PRIME Boneless Rib-Eye Steak Sale -- $5.99/lb.

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Hows Markets is featuring USDA Prime Boneless Spencer Rib-Eye Steaks for only $5.99 per pound this week (September 29 - October 5). The last time these Rib-Eyes were on sale at this low price was in mid-August.

I love Hows' meat department. I discovered Hows Markets during the supermarket strike and have beome a loyal customer.

Compare this How's Prme Beef against Von's Rancher's Reserve Beef and Albertson's Blue Ribbon Beef. No contest! And at $5.99 per pound, it's less expensive too.

Hows Markets has locations in Redondo Beach, Malibu, Granada Hills, Pasadena/San Marino and Glendale.


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  1. The fancy names for Vons & Albertson's beef are just misdirection -- they're not prime by any means.

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    1. re: Pieter

      I always get annoyed when a retailer tries to obscure the facts with fancy market-researched terminology. Just what does "Rancher's Reserve" or "Blue Ribbon" mean? Where does it fall into the USDA scheme of things?

      1. re: Pate'

        USDA Select, just marketing hype.

        1. re: Pieter

          I know that Vons and Albertson's are not selling prime beef. The point I was awkwardly trying to make was Hows Prime beef is a much better value in terms of quality and price than the beef at Von's and Albertson's.

          1. re: Norm

            For a price/quality comparison of the steak specials for this week:

            1. Von's is featuring Rancher's Reserve (USDA Select)Boneless New York Steaks for $7.49/lb. and Rancher's Reserve (USDA Select) Bone-in New York Steaks for $5.49/lb;

            2. Albertson's is featuring Blue Ribbon (USDA Select) Bone-In Rib-Eye Steaks for $7.49/lb;

            3. Ralph's is featuring USDA Choice Bone-In New York Steaks for $4.69/lb;

            4. Hows Markets is featuring USDA Prime Boneless Rib-Eye Steaks for $5.99/lb.

            Conclusion: I am clearing room in my freezer and making a major steak purchase at Hows Markets.

            1. re: Norm

              I'm thinking about doing the same, but you can only get six per trip.

        2. Norm, thanks for the heads up on these occasional HOWS steak sales. I never went to HOWS before I saw your posts, and now I'm very happy stopping there occasionally and raiding whatever is on sale in their meat department. Nice employees and great products, plus open 24 hours. A great find.

          FYI, I often pick up a pound or two of their bacon from the meat counter. At about $5 a pound, it is about the same price as Farmer John's, etc, and much better.


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          1. re: Sarahpet

            Go to their website ( and click on "contact us." Ask to be added to their mailing list for the weekly ads. Just got mine on Tuesday. In addition to the steak, this week they have 1 lb cans of crabmeat for $7.99, which Costco sells for $13.99, and Gelsons sells for $35.00.

            1. re: TomSwift

              Is the quality of the crab meat good enough for crab cakes? What are your favorite uses for the crab meat?

              I've seen the cans of crab meat but haven't purchased any yet.

              Before Hows posted their ad online, I was on Hows Markets' mailing list for their ad. When Hows began posting their ad online, I deleted myself from their mailing list in order to help keep their expenses down. Now I just check Hows Markets' web site EVERY week for their ad.

              1. re: Norm

                It hadn't occured to me to read the ad on-line. I will now do so and already have requested that I be deleted from the list.

                The brand of the crab is Phillips and it quite good. We began using it in crab cakes (Charlie Trotter's recipe). We like to make a version of the Sportsman sandwich from the old Julie's that used to be by USC: a dense simple crab salad, avocado, bacon, tomato and lettuce.

                1. re: TomSwift

                  Actually, the Hows version is cheaper largely because it's leg meat. at costco, you get backfin (lump) crabmeat, which is by far the best for crab cakes.

                  1. re: Bert

                    You know, I noticed that in the ad but couldn't remember what the can at Costco said. I've never used the How's product, only the crab from Costco. The Costco crab makes great crabcakes. Thanks for pointing out the difference.

                  2. re: TomSwift

                    Thanks for the recipe. I will give the crab meat a try.

                    FYI, Hows Markets featured the Phillips 16 oz. crab claw meat for only $5.99 the week ending Tuesday September 21.

            2. I got on their mailing list and saw this promotion. Unfortunately the limit of six doesn't justify the trip from OC--sure wish they would open a store out here!

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              1. re: Funwithfood

                Some of the stores are close could bring a cooler and do a loop. :-)

                1. re: Funwithfood

                  I don't live near either but understand they deliver. That is my next step.

                  1. re: Funwithfood

                    True, there is a limit of 6 steaks.

                    Last time, I bought 6 steaks and brought them to my car. Then I went back in the store and bought 6 more steaks. No one at Hows said anything or hassled me. In fact, a friend of mine bought 18 steaks during one shopping trip.

                    1. re: Funwithfood

                      Six steaks is actually a huge amount of meat, at least at the San Marino store. I went yesterday, and the steaks from the butcher counter are HUGE; probably 2 pounds each. They are about 3" thick, and probably 7 x 5" across. When I got home, I cut mine into 3 one inch thick steaks apiece. Fried two of them up with just a little olive oil in a cast iron pan, along with some chopped red onions. Boy, were they good.

                      1. re: Sarahpet

                        Hows' Prime steaks in the old fashioned full serve meat counter are cut thicker and bigger (about 1.25 - 2.0 pounds each) -- the perfect size for a big eater like myself.

                        The steaks that are pre-packaged in the meat refrigerator case are of a more "normal" size and thickness.

                    2. Norm, thanks for the head up on this. I bought 6 steaks on Saturday, grilled them up at my sister's house, they were excellent. Went back Sunday and got 6 more for the freezer.

                      By the way I saw the exact same USDA prime spencer steaks at Gelsons yesterday for 22.99/lb.