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Jul 7, 2009 10:13 AM

Vegetarian food in Chinatown?

Are there any particularly delicious vegetarian recommendations in Chinatown? They don't have to be at vegetarian restaurants, but they do have to be at places which speak English well enough to understand things like "no oyster sauce," etc. Banh Mi Saigon is fantastic, of course, and I love the scallion pancakes at Excellent Dumpling House, but that's all I got so far.

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  1. i really like vegetarian dim sum house on pell street and buddha bodai (a branch of a stellar queens place) which are both strictly vegetarian. the latter does good stuff with both 'fake meat' and simple veg dishes and has some really good dim sum of its own. yummy watercres dumplngs.

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      Second Buddha Bodai. Their "seafood" pan fried noodles stands up to many seafood pan fried noodles I've had. Wild Ginger (mentioned below) is good also, but a little more austere.

    2. My vegan friend loves Vegetarian Dim Sum House and Red Egg. The latter is not vegetarian, but they understand more than enough English to understand what we want restricted from her plate.

      1. I've been to Dim Sum Go Go with a vegetarian and he loved it. They have vegetarian dim sum and even offer a platter of a sampling of all of their veg dim sum so you can try a large variety, even if there aren't a lot of people in your party. From what I remember, there was a selection of 9 dim sum items to eat.

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          Second the vegetarian dim sum platter at Dim Sum Go Go. It's a great way to sample different dim sum and the vegetarian dim sum there are light and refreshing, whereas those at Vegetarian Dim Sum house is quite greasy and with thick dumpling skins (not good in my book)

          If you go to Shanghai restaurants they almost always serve vegetarian dumplings (pan fried or steamed).

        2. Wild Ginger on Broome near Mott

          1. Shanghai menus are very veg-friendly--lots of things made with gluten, tofu skins, cold dishes, they can do vegetarian rice cake or noodles, scallion pancakes, veg. dumplings, etc. I'd recommend Shanghai Cafe.