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Jul 7, 2009 10:13 AM

Pickle Barrel Coleslaw


I hope this is the right place to post this question... I figured the Pickle Barrel is in Ontario, so I'd have the best chance at getting an answer here :)

Does anyone have a recipe for Pickle Barrel coleslaw (or something very, very close)? It's about the only thing I still like at the PB. I've tried different recipes in the past but they always turn out too vinegary etc. I googled, but couldn't find anything.


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  1. Yesterday's Toronto Star had a terrific recipe for Coleslaw..very close (I think) in taste to the Pickle Barrel version. I'd try online and see if you can get it.....I actually cut it out because I am going to try it, I do prefer vinegar base coleslaw as opposed to what I consider U.S. style (creamy coleslaw made with mayonnaise which always seems to be the way you get it in the States.

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            I wouldn't have thought to heat up the dressing. For ultra-crunchy, omit the stove. I've come to prefer seasoned rice vinegar, which is milder than both white and cider. Less sugar is added, because the SRV is already sweetened. I agree that a little oil helps - both the texture and to slightly mellow the vinegar.

            1. re: greygarious

              Greygarious, in my experience, I find that the heated dressing permeats the cabbage better than a cold one. And I found, when I used this recipe, that it stayed really crunchy for days.

              I am looking forward to trying the SRV as I think it will be a really nice touch and not as "harsh" as white vinegar (although I love that too).

              When it comes to Pickle Barrel coleslaw, I always taste some garlic, and I wonder whether they add a hit of garlic powder to the dressing as well.

      1. re: pearlD

        Thanks PearlD! It looks and sounds yummy. I will try this recipe this weekend! Thanks toveggiegirl for posting the link!

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          Just stumbled back on this thread and thought I'd follow up. This recipe from The Star is my all time favourite cole slaw recipe now. Delicious!

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            thanks for that! i love this kind of coleslaw, too. here is a thread seeking a recipe for the non-mayo slaw:

      2. One of the versions we use is to use the liquid from a jar of Kosher garlic pickels in place of the cider vinegar. I agree with the tip about heating the liquid before hand.