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Jul 7, 2009 10:05 AM

Magic Wok - Middlebury, VT

We checked out the new chinese restaurant in Middlebury last week - next to the A&W. They just opened a week or two ago, so I guess they're still working out the kinks. The ambiance in the building is a bit lacking... they have some nice artwork and murals on the walls, and cloth napkins, but only paper take-out menus even when you eat in, and it was very hot without much in the way of air conditioning. It seems like a good place for a big group, though, they had a lot of big tables, and it was pretty full when we were there. Unfortunately there was no hostess, so the line of people waiting had to manage themselves. The waitstaff seemed kind of confused, and multiple times they brought the wrong dish to our table and then stood around trying to figure out what to do.

We ordered a pu-pu platter, pork mu-shi, lemon chicken and happy family (mixed seafood and vegetables). The food had good flavor, and was generous portions - with 4 of us eating, we still had plenty of leftovers. I probably wouldn't bother with the dining room in the future, but I'd go back for take-out.

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  1. Magic Wok is a very good restaurant that is going to be even better once the kinks of opening a new place in a new location that has been swamped with customers. I know the chef and his wife from an earlier incarnation here, and we are extremely lucky to have them back. The chef worked with Martin Yan...he does well all the standard Chinese dishes: dumplings, lo mein, moo shi of all varieties, kung bao etc. and some very good Thai dishes including a noodle soup that is excellent. In addition, I am sure you can ask him to prepare something special. The restaurant is attractively decorated...and BYOB is fine. The Magic Wok is a great addition to the entire Addison County food scene. Let's be understanding of the challenges of opening and continue to give them lots of business

    1. We've been frequenting the Magic Wok since it first opened, and I must say, the kinks are worked out! Their food is excellent; it is prepared fresh, quick, and made to order. The waiters are the BEST! The atmosphere is one of family, but yet, the cloth tablecloths and napkins add an air fine dining. I totally agree with statement, "Let's be understanding of the challenges of opening and continue to give them lots of business." The challenges of opening have been taken care of -- now, let's continue to give them lots of business!

      Magic Wok
      1499 Route 7 S, Middlebury, VT 05753

      1. We have been to Magic Wok for lunch twice this summer.

        The waiter was a nice guy. The decor is simple. Nicely painted mural on one wall. Yes, folded paper take-out menus when you dine in.

        A diner's reaction to the place depends on expectations. It's right on target if you like the 70s feel of a place that serves Moo Goo Gai Pan, fried rice, and a bowl of crispy noodles with orange sauce when you sit down. Things like Kung Pao chicken and Shrimp lo mein were mainstream. Thai soups might be more interesting for a future visit. No brown rice available. Different from the Asian food one finds in major US cities for the past 15-20 years, yet many local customers seemed content.