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Jul 7, 2009 09:12 AM

Kosher near Mt. Sinai Hospital- NYC

Any suggestions for a weekday lunch/cafe near Mt. Sinai Hospital (preferably dairy/pareve)?

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  1. U Cafe is near the hospital. It's a dairy cafe/restaurant, kind of expensive.

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      Thanks- have you actually eaten there?

      1. re: Lissy63

        I haven't. Friends of mine went and loved it for lunch- they had salads and sandwiches. My parents went for dinner and said the salads were good but the fish was eh and not worth the price.

        I think the menu with prices was on menupages around the time my friends went. When they actually ate there, they said the menu was slightly different, but the prices the same.

        Bagels & Co (I think that's the name, it used to be called York Bagels) is kind of out of your way, but it's really good. It's on York in the mid 70's. My aunt and uncle stopped there for bagels and salads on the way to Mt Sinai when a family member had her baby.

    2. Vegetarian Sandwich Bar - - Park Avenue (east side) btwn 97 & 98th

      1. V-cafe. Closer to the hospital. Really excellent paninis. Just not impressive looking.

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          V-Cafe is really your best bet. The hospital cafeteria also stocks some kosher food items.

        2. V is great (there have been a few threads on it in the past). There are a handful of things in the Caf on a daily basis, prices are fair, but nothing to write home about. You can also check out the 92nd Street Y - haven't yet been, but have heard good things - not bad if you want to take a short walk. Other places will happily deliver to Sinai too.

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            Okay, so there's a U Cafe and a V Cafe? Is the Vegetarian Sandwich Bar the same as the V Cafe? Where exactly is the U Cafe?
            I would like to stay close to the hospital, but a few blocks walk is fine.

            1. re: Lissy63

              V Cafe is the sandwich bar one avenue away from the hospital. It is definately the closest. If you want ambience, V is not your choice. The paninis and pasta were made with care and tasted very good as you can read in a previous thread. If you want a more Manhattan brunchy ambience, then U Cafe is your choice, but you will be walking another avenue block and a few blocks over. The owners at U are also extremely nice people if that matters any to you. You should check them both out on Shamash which provides links to maps plus reviews. Near U Cafe also on Lex is Hanna's pizza which is a typical pizza joint. You could also get a sandwich at the hospital if you don't want to leave. I haven't been to the 92nd Street Y because I always feel like if I did go in, then I would want to stay and take a class or something.

          2. Also try the Jewish Museum on Fifth Ave and 92nd st. they have a very nice cafe downstairs.
            MSH has a great hot food selection at extremely reasonable prices.