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Jul 7, 2009 08:47 AM

blockley pourhouse

Any one been yet? hows the vibe? hows the food? saw pics on Meal ticket and looked industrial to me. Interested in their food though....holla

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  1. I was there like their 2nd day so it might be too early to tell...but meh.

    Lots of technical issues (somewhat to be expected) - loud noises, power went out (twice), waaaay over-staffed...virtually empty (maybe 1 or 2 other tables), with TONS of staff.

    Food was OK. Onion rings were AWESOME, but other than that...lobster perogies were tiny and only so-so, chicken was rather flavorless, and I know neither person I was with liked their sandwich (sorry, don't have more on specifics).

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      Was there a cover? I tried to go the other night around 8pm; they were charging an $8 cover and no music had started yet. I just wanted to grab a bite and a beer. The doorman said they have a cover from from 5pm on but I find that hard to believe as the PR material makes this place out to be food and beer centric... I get the live music thing but how are they going to get a dinner crowd?