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Jul 7, 2009 08:45 AM

Eating Single in Vegas

My husband is working at a client site in Vegas, and I've decided to join him for the weekend. He'll be working long hours, so I will be solo for most of my meals. (We are going to Charlie Palmer Steak for Sunday Supper together, but that is the only meal that he knows he will be available for at this point.) I've been to Vegas many times, but never alone.

Any recommendations for moderately priced meals on the Strip (up to $75 before drinks) that won't be totally awkward as a single diner? We are staying at Planet Hollywood and I won't have a car, but I don't mind taking a cab anywhere on the Strip. Need lunch and dinner recommendations.

Also, as a single diner, is it usually acceptable to bring a book, magazine, etc for between courses? I love a leisurely paced meal, but I can only stare into space for so long!

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  1. I've dined by myself probably a thousand times and the thought of it being awkward has never entered my mind nor should it yours. Having said this, I'd recommend Joel Robuchon's L'Atelier at MGM. The tasting menu is $118 and worth it but there is a special deal now for three plates at $39. Get a seat at the food bar and watch the chefs put plates together. Most of the "name" restaurants in the big hotels have similar prix fixe meals. Check out the various Vegas threads on this site for some great suggestions. Believe me, with business down the restaurants are very happy to see diners whether you are alone or with a group.

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      I too dine mostly solo when I am in Vegas. There is no restaurant that I wont try on my own. I have found many of the Pre-set Tasting menus are for a party of 2 or more.
      I have my best luck sitting at the Bar. Some restaurants such as Carnevino have a small bites/plates (Taverna menu) which you can pick ,choose and order a variety of items.
      Some restaurant bartenders have suggested half orders of entrees. The Bartenders can be your friend as they are used to the solo diner.
      I have made many new friendships bonding over a great meal in Vegas!

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        Yup -- what both of them just said. :-)

        I dine alone often, & if anything, Las Vegas is one of the most comfortable cities to do so. Nobody blinks twice. Virtually everyplace offers the full dinner menu at the bar or in the restaurant -- I'll do either, mostly determined by whether I want a comfy chair vs. some additional chit-chat with the bartender. It's Vegas -- whatever you want to do, just let them know. If you want to spend all evening, sipping a couple of glasses of wine & having an appetizer course once an hour & reading your book, I'd park in their bar area. But I don't know of anyplace nice that would mind that at all. If you mention to your server that you're not in any hurry, that lets them know how to pace you. Just pick the restaurants that sound interesting to you -- don't sweat being solo in the least!

        That said, L'Atelier is absolutely my fave when I'm solo -- the waitstaff are exactly as conversational as you want, & watching the kitchen is my idea of a dinnertime floorshow!

      2. Virtually every restaurant in Las Vegas is solo diner friendly. In the area you're staying in, I would recommend Mon Ami Gabi at the Paris Hotel, especially if the weather is nice and you can snag an outdoor table. The people watching is great in the afternoon and the view of the Bellagio fountains is nice at night.