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Jul 7, 2009 08:41 AM

What time for Taste of Wynn?

I know this promotion ends at 7 p.m. but does that mean you ask you and arrive at 7 p.m.? Or should you make a 6:45 reservation so you're asking for the special menu before 7?

I would imagine there's a bit of a rush at the witching hour just before 7 p.m. Have you noticed any decline in service or where you are seated if you arrive at that time?

Thanks so much.

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    1. I was there recently and believe it's to be seated by 7pm. There some latecomers (about 15 mintues) and we're offered the special price menu at the Boulud Bistro. They had a daily special of lobster risotto but our server never told us that, if he did, I would have ordered that instead of the taste of wynn special.

      The service was quite good, however, we didn't get the patio seating we had wanted. So when booking, I would emphasize on it. They claimed that it wasn't available but there were a few tables open and remained emptied when we left, it happened to some others as well so I didn't feel too horrible. It would of been different if we were the only ones denied.

      1. Just like any restaurant reservation, it's all about the particular booking on the specific day. Basically, it's a crap shoot - if it's a slow day, you can get whatever you want. You just need to be seated at the time the Taste of Wynn expires at the individual restaurant, just remember the time varies from restaurant to restaurant. Most will be flexible if you are close.
        As far as where you are seated, it doesn't make any difference, because you will be seated before ordering from the Taste of Wynn menu, most of the time high-roller comp reservations will take priority, but you may get lucky if it is not a peak time (weekends mostly).
        Service should not vary at all, no matter what you are ordering or where you are seated. This from a Wynn employee.

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          Thanks for the great advice. We'll check the specific times for each restaurant...and we'll be there mid-week so hopefully not as busy.

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            We were there on Monday night. Had a reservation for 6:30pm, but were running late. We called the Daniel Boulud Brasserie, and they were able to accommodate us. It took a scant 5 mins to walk from our Encore suite to DB, and they were able to seat us immediately. Some people showed up after us, and were able to choose from the tasting menu as well. The restaurant picked up after 7:30pm, and we did notice that service was rushed...we had been to dinner at Charlie Palmer Steak the night before and were treated to fabulous service. At DB, I had requested the wine list for a glass of champagne to accompany my dessert, and our waiter (Jeffrey) completely forgot and didn't even remember to apologize for it. I was quite disappointed. The food, however, was fabulous! Quite possibly, the best meal I've ever had. The country pate with the homemade pickles and Dijon mustuard was excellently executed and presented. The best pate I've ever had! I had the Sonoma chicken...super crispy skin and perfectly cooked and moist chicken breast on a bed of creamy and buttery pureed potatoes and a grilled bread that soaked up the juices from some sauteed artichokes with pork. The hubby had the duo of beef...melt-in-your mouth filet and a perfectly braised short rib with a lovely spray of veg along the side of the plate. Perfectly executed! The raspberry apricot cafloutis was amazingly custardy and rich. The plate of petit fours that arrived afterward included a lovely little macaron that was to die for!

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              Your meal sounds divine. Thank you so much for the report. And you ordered this off the tasting menu? Funny that they were so busy on a Monday night. Do you have a rec about where best to sit?

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                It was the best meal that I've ever had. Everything I ordered was off the tasting menu...the hubby's duo of beef was on the regular menu. I was surprised to find the restaurant so busy on a Monday night, too! It's been way too hot to sit outside....I would suggest that you arrive early so you can get a table by the window. If you're lucky (we were not), the Lake of Dreams show might play at the end of your dinner. Have a great time!