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Fresh sour cherries

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I live in Toronto and was wondering if anyone could tell me what time of year do sour cherries usually become available and where. (morello cherries - the dark red kind). I am looking to get about 100 lb of fresh cheeries to make a cherry liquor for me and my brother.


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  1. The Cherries on my tree are 2 weeks away, but towards Niagara they will be earlier.
    E.D. Smith (Niagara-ish) has pick your own Montmorency sour cherries that will be ready next week.



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      Thank you! I called them and they said they'll open for pick your own this Saturday.

      Greatly apreciate it!


    2. Somebody posted this last week


      1. One of the vendors at the MyMarket at Sick Kids today had a few pints of "sour cooking cherries". First I've seen this year. They were the red ones, although not quite as dark as the sweet cherries.

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          I was just going to post about them! I'm very excited about mine - I always seem to miss them.