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Jul 7, 2009 08:18 AM

Best Raw Oyster Bar / Restaurant in Boston

I am looking for a place with a fun atmosphere or romantic place to take my bf for his birthday - who LOVES raw oysters and raw bars, but also a good menu to choose from for entrees, desserts, drinks, etc.

I am especially looking for a good price. I can not afford Neptune Oyster, etc.


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Well, the obvious choice would be either Neptune Oyster or B&G but since you've already ruled them out maybe you would like the Oyster Bar (Walrus & Carpenter) inside the food court at Fanueil Hall. Now, don't turn your noise up to quick because they shuck some really good oysters there. They also offer beer and wine. Enjoy your oysters, and move on to one of the restaurants in the North End. Not sure if Kingfish fits into the budget but they have a nice oyster bar as well.

      1. I would suggest starting at Legal Seafood's for thier $1 oysters on weeknights and then moving over to Sel de la Terre for dinner

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          back bay sel de la terre does happy hour oysters and so does dante. not every night, but they're only $1 each.

          when you say "good price" what does that mean?

        2. Lineage in Coolidge Corner has $1 oysters and a lovely menu that's not incredibly expensive. Also nice cocktails and wine list.

          1. Well, the best are B&G and Neptune, but you've ruled those out.

            You might want to look for a place with a good $1/oyster special. Several joints carry such promotions, at varying times and days, including Marliave, the bar at Pigalle, and Legal.