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Best Raw Oyster Bar / Restaurant in Boston

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I am looking for a place with a fun atmosphere or romantic place to take my bf for his birthday - who LOVES raw oysters and raw bars, but also a good menu to choose from for entrees, desserts, drinks, etc.

I am especially looking for a good price. I can not afford Neptune Oyster, etc.


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  1. Well, the obvious choice would be either Neptune Oyster or B&G but since you've already ruled them out maybe you would like the Oyster Bar (Walrus & Carpenter) inside the food court at Fanueil Hall. Now, don't turn your noise up to quick because they shuck some really good oysters there. They also offer beer and wine. Enjoy your oysters, and move on to one of the restaurants in the North End. Not sure if Kingfish fits into the budget but they have a nice oyster bar as well.

    1. I would suggest starting at Legal Seafood's for thier $1 oysters on weeknights and then moving over to Sel de la Terre for dinner

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        back bay sel de la terre does happy hour oysters and so does dante. not every night, but they're only $1 each.

        when you say "good price" what does that mean?

      2. Lineage in Coolidge Corner has $1 oysters and a lovely menu that's not incredibly expensive. Also nice cocktails and wine list.

        1. Well, the best are B&G and Neptune, but you've ruled those out.

          You might want to look for a place with a good $1/oyster special. Several joints carry such promotions, at varying times and days, including Marliave, the bar at Pigalle, and Legal.

          1. East Coast Grill has a great raw bar, its reasonably priced, and has a fun atmosphere. Good bbq also

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              I love ECG, but it is still generaly over $2 per oyster. Not cheap in general.

            2. I've always enjoyed the oysters at Central Kitchen.

              1. i've been to them all many times and i hate to put my vote in for summer shack. they actually wholesale their own oysters. they are always super cold, lots of choices, cleanly and beautifully shucked. my brother and i meet up their often - just for oysters. Neptune and B&G are also good choices. Neptune is a charming but small and sometimes really crowded place in the North End. B&G is hip, almost diner-esque spot in trendy South End. Speaking of B&G, one of my favorite things to do with visiting friends is take them on an evening of "Surf & Turf" - oysters at B&G and fabulous meat products at The Butcher Shop right across the street. Both owned by Barbara Lynch and both fun and tasty.

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                  if the op says neptune is out of her budget, then b&g certainly is as well.

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                    Had a dinner of a dozen oysters, risotto app, bass entree and two of the cheapest bottles of rose and riesling on the menu (~$50 each) and our dinner was $176 plus tip for two. It was a weekend, and I have had many, many excellent experiences here, particularly at lunch - but service was abysmal. Disjointed. Three indifferent servers... none seemed very invested in us (we were at the bar)... it was a real disappointment... AND I had a bad oyster. I thought perhaps just the taste was off... until that evening and most of the next day - I realized it was more than that. I wish we had gone elsewhere. I should say, however, that the shuckers were very attentive to their work - I watched them sniff each oyster and clam they shucked - my bad one must have slipped by. AND both the risotto and the bass were delicious - corn and mint flavoring the bass, mint, peas and lobster in the risotto - light and delicious. Anyway - very expensive... service not good on a very busy night.

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                        Oh, sorry - B&G - was replying to HTN's comment that B&G is expensive as well.

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                        i hate hate hate b&g and butcher shop. i just get tired of typing it. i had such hostile abysmal service last summer at a dinner for 3 (at b&g) that was over $300 i will never ever go back.

                        if i saw the shuckers sniffing my oysters, i would have canceled the order. yuk.

                  2. Went to Lineage in Coolidge Corner last night with an oyster craving and a tight wallet. They have $1/oyster special every night at the bar from 5 - 7pm. Island Creeks only I guess, but the were perfectly shucked and tasty, and I felt great to get a whole dozen for that price. It's a nice space too, with a limited but good full bar. Have not tried anything else there yet, but the menu looks like it could be worth exploring.

                    I don't mind if a shucker checks each oyster before plating it to make sure I don't get any bad ones.....

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                      Lineage is one of my favorite places!

                      We go maybe once a month for the oysters and a couple of apps. Their lobster tacos are excellent but not on the menu often enough.

                      Everything we have had there has been really good and the bartenders are very friendly.