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Whole Steamed Lobster

Last summer, my wife and I had a wonderful steamed lobster dinner at Moby Dick's in Welfleet. Simply done, butter on the side, wonderful sweet taste, checked table cloths.

I'm in search of something like this closer to Boston. I've been to the Summer Shack and wasn't impressed. I know there is also the deal at the Palm with a Lobster for two, but I'm looking for something more casual. We've had all the great lobster rolls in the area, but we don't know who does a good whole lobster. Any ideas?

BTW, we aren't brave enough to make our own lobster at home.


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  1. The Mt. Vernon in Somerville has twin and triple lobster specials. Think the twin is aprox. $12.00, excellent.

    1. Kelly's Landing in North Weymouth (right over the Fore River bridge), does steamed lobsters quite well. Not a great venue for atmosphere, but it's cheap and they sell a lot of lobsters, so they're always fresh.

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        Kelly's also has the absolute best (IMHO) onion rings!!

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          I forgot about the onion rings. They are good. It's been a while. Did I mention the prices are cheap? Ha! Ha!

          The rings at the Fat Cat are pretty yummie too.

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            Haven't been to the Fat Cat in a bit. It may be time to catch up with my friend Joanie, and try the O-rings along with a lobster lavash.

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              I love the lobster lavash. One of my top 3 there. I've seen Joanie more than you lately. Still waiting to clink a glass of wine with you. Usually there at least once a week, as I was last night. The mussels were great.

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                Lobster lavash is now on my must try list. I

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                  Lobster lavish is excellent, but I should let you know it's a combo of crab and lobster. Who knows maybe we'll all show up at once some day and we can all clink a glass of wine.

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                    Or a yummy cocktail. I agree. And will try the lobstah/crab lavash

      2. Don't know if they're steamed or prepared some other way, but Jo Jo Taipei's twin lobsters with ginger (?) - call ahead to see if they're available - have been lauded on the board, and the new Great Taste in ChinaTown has a similar offering.

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          Hot, gingery platters of twin lobsters ($16) were flying out of GT's kitchen last Saturday at lunch. Several of us plan to go back and indulge.

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            The lobsters at Jo Jo seemed to me to be dusted in corn starch and stir fried. Very good, if a bit messy. Then again, I've yet to meet a non-messy lobster.


          2. You must get over your fear and try cooking some at home!! I bought some from James Hooks a while back and they're just so good, nothing like what I've had in restaurants. Put them in the freezer for a while so that the become a bit slow before you throw them into the boiling hell.

            1. If you want to have them at home but don't want to do the killin', you can ask your fishmonger (or even grocery store) to steam them for you. It will take about 15 minutes while you shop around, then come back and pick them up.

              1. Even the Star Market will cook your lobsters for you.

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                  Market Basket does too.....cheaper.

                2. captain mardens in wellesley had the best lobsters i've had this year - you can order them steamed and pick them up or have them next door in the restaurant.

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                    All lobsters steamed correctly are the SAME. They all come from the SAME ocean. That is to say every lobster I ever had anywhere was simply awesome. So to say the BEST lobster is steamed to perfection at Woodman's would be HERESY on this board but that is the last place I had a steamed bug and it was amazing. But BEFORE THAT (!) I had an incredible and good lobster special at the Best Little Restaurant wok-fried and then split and fried more to a finish with ginger and broccolini. Then I had one at Legal's in Park Sq. and it was JUST AS AMAZING. Amazing! I have never eaten a bad lobster, anywhere. ever. SO the steamed bugs at Market Basket are generally the SAME if not somehow better than Summer Shack, Legals, wherever. When it comes to lobster...its really all good. So from Shaws to MB to Summer Shack, a bug is a bug when done right.

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                        I somewhat agree except for the "never had a bad lobster". I've had a few - one from a local fish market that had crunchy bits of shell all throughout the cavity - one from chauncey lobster pier that had eggs (not just the usual roe found in females) attached to the outside and inside of the tail - and a multitude of spongy/watery/salty soft shells during the late summer in Maine.

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                          i don't agree at all. soft shell and hard shell taste different to me. i've had overcooked lobsters and i avoid buying lobsters that look half dead. oversteamed lobsters are common (too much water in the shells and stringy) - size makes a difference to me (I find 1 1/2 pounds to be about right). and the meat of the lobsters at Captain Mardens was sweeter than the meat of the lobsters I had steamed from the star market. so no, I don't think all lobsters are either equal or equally well-cooked.

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                          I have to disagree a bit. I've had steamed lobsters which had been horribly overcooked, or obviously sitting on a steam tray for a while before they were served. The meat becomes tough and rubbery and loses a lot of it's sweet flavor when that happens.

                          The raw, live lobster is the same everywhere, but there is a difference in how carefully it's cooked from place to place.

                      2. A few weeks ago the fam went downtown in search of steamed lobster specials. We ended up at Paddy O's on Union Street next to the Purple Shamrock. The lobsters were $10.95 naked. ($1.50 add'l for fries or cole slaw or o rings). The lobsters were sweet, steamed well and our cravings were satisfied.

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                          so there you go great lobster almost anywhere. I would have never thought Paddy O's for lobster but now - you betcha!

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                            All those Irish pubs in the area of Paddy O's offer lobster specials in the summer. I like the atmosphere at Paddy O's, but Green Dragon and Henneseys often offer those specials as well.