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Jul 7, 2009 07:24 AM

One Brewery

You can only have the beers of one brewery for the rest of your life. Which one would you choose?
Keep in mind how much style variety you want and the availability. Nothing but Westy forever may seem like a good idea but are you willing to make regular jaunts to Belgium or spend your life savings on ebay in order to get it? And you'd have to give up stouts for the rest of your life!
My answer:
If Port Brewing/Lost Abbey is considered one brewery I would choose them, if not; Deschutes.

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  1. My homebrewery. :-)

    But in the commercial realm, Sierra Nevada. I don't deviate much from SN now, even with all the choices out there. Date stamped cases boxes and bottle labels and thier seasonal schedule ensure freshness, great prices, and even as they continue to grow larger and larger, quality is still there.

    1. First off, the brewery would have to have a dynamite, grapefruity IPA. It would also need to brew a variety of interesting stouts and porters - coffee, chocolate, and maybe, bourbon barrel. Some accomplishment in Belgian styles would also be a pre-requisite.

      That narrows it down somewhat.

      I'll further winnow the list to those breweries who produce regularly available quantities of each of these styles. Out go Goose Island, Captain Lawrence, Pisgah, Shorts, Tyranena, Three Floyds and Founders.

      I like the Port Brewing/Lost Abbey idea, but they have been having carbonation problems recently and need to work those out. Deschutes is a darn good choice, too. But I am also thinking Bell's and Southern Tier.

      For me, the winner is Southern Tier. While their IPA is not at the top of my list, I love the variety of stouts they produce and their Cuvee series has some Belgian influence.

      1. For abrewery with a beer for every mood or season done well, I'ld have to go with Victory

        1. Deschutes is awesome, but living in Chicago I'd have to go with Three Floyd's. Runner's up would be Souther Tier, Dogfish Head, Goose Island, or Founders.

          1. If Pilsner Urquell was available reliably fresh, not skunked and in the orginal process, then it would win hands down. The aroma wafting off a freshly drawn pint just knocks me out. My fave ever. Too bad it's much abused now.