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Jul 7, 2009 06:31 AM

Need help for Anniversary Dinner

Hello all,

I am running out of time and am going crazy trying to decide between 4 restaurants. My wife and I are headed to NYC this weekend July 10-13 and want to have at least one memorable/special dinner for our wedding anniversary. The four we are looking at are as follows:

Adour by Alain Ducasse
Jean Georges

We are looking to spend roughly $120-150 per person.

They all look great and I just can;t decide, at this point it may be where I can get a reservation. But any thoughts on which one is best/most memorable would be appreciated.

Cheers all

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  1. I can comment on 3 of your 4 (Adour being the outcast).

    If your price point includes tax and tip you'll need to be careful with your drinking (wine/cocktails) but you should be able to do any one of the 3. If romantic is a key element then of the 3 Daniel would be the one. However, GF and I just had a near perfect (minor glitch) dinner at JG and a wonderful (again) dinner at EMP so if romance is not the most important the decision gets tougher. I have been a long time cheerleader for Daniel but the recnt JG and all visits to EMP have really rised the bar.

    A trick for making JG and EMP as romantic as they can be would be for you to ask for a "cubby hole" (that's just what I call them) table at JG, tucked into the wall it kind of secludes you. At EMP you could ask for a corner table in the back elevated portion of the restaurant.

    I would be willing to say a meal at any one of these 3 WILL NOT disappoint you.

    1. We have been to all four. You can't go wrong with the food at any of them as we've had stellar cuisine at all three. However, I have to admit to a bias towards Eleven Madison Park, which is our favorite NYC restaurant. Chef Humm's French-inspired cuisine is exquisite, his signature duck for two (carved tableside) is superb, and the recently added guinea hen for two is sensational! (Note: There is no supplement for either.)

      That said, looking at your budgetary parameters, presuming those figures are your intended out-the-door cost (food, beverages, tax & tip), it will be very difficult to keep to even the higher end at Daniel since the basic 3-course prix fixe is $105. Add on the nearly 9% tax + 20% tip, and you've barely any room for wine if you like to have it with you meal.


      Jean Georges's basic 3-course prix fixe is $98, which leaves not much more room to include wine.

      EMP's 3-course prix fixe is $88, so more leeway for wine.

      Adour's menu is a la carte, providing the most flexibility. Presuming 3 courses, even if you choose the most expensive dishes on the menu, the cost would be $92; however, there are many options which are less expensive and can bring down the total substantially. And there is also the option of sharing an appetizer and/or dessert.

      I agree with Spiritchaser that if romantic ambiance is important to you, at Jean Georges, the cozy alcoves for two (one on each side of the dining room) are perfect.

      We have not been to Daniel since the dining room was completely refurbished. From the photos I've seen, the new contemporary decor does not seem very romantic to me.

      I should also mention that the last time we were at Daniel, we experienced several serious service glitches -- unforgivable, imo, at a restaurant of that high caliber. I would consider going back only because we've been there before and had excellent service. Service at the other three is cordial, polished, and faultless.

      Wherever you ultimately decide to go, I wish you a Happy Anniversary and Bon Appetit!

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      1. re: RGR

        Thanks for the feedback everyone.

        We ended up booking EMP, although it was a tough choice across the board as all 4 look great. BUt we figure we can check out JG and Daniel for lunches possibly.

        Now all I need is a restaurant in the theatre district for Saturday night (we have tickets for In The Heights) - any thoughts?

        Cheers all

        1. re: Chillax

          JG for lunch absolutely, best deal going IMO. I'll think about the theater requirement.

          1. re: Chillax

            Glad to hear you've booked EMP.

            The 2 for $28 lunch deal at Jean Georges is one of the best deals in town. Available Mon. - Sat.

            Daniel does not serve lunch. However, if you want to sample Chef Boulud's cuisine pre-theater, you can do so at his dbBistro Moderne, conveniently located on 44th St., b/t 5th & 6th Avs. Needless to say, the contemporary French bistro fare he is serving there is delicious. Good service and very attractive decor.


            1. re: RGR

              Funny enough we booked Daniel's DB Bistro Moderne this morning shortly after my post today. We thought it was worth the gamble.

              So for dinner's we are hitting up EMP and DB Bistro on Friday and Saturday, and leaving Sunday as is for now. And for lunches we are going to hit up Jean Georges and Diner (in Brooklyn).

              Thanks so much for your help thus far everyone and I will post up some thoughts when we return.