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Jul 7, 2009 05:51 AM

Scotch Mountain Meats (sold at Brickworks)

Just thought I'd pass along a great beef experience....A few weeks ago, I bought a chuck (shoulder) roast from these guys at the Brickworks. Better yet, the "lesser" cuts are seemingly on a 2 for 1 special all the time. So I got two quality roasts for $16 (higher price roast wins). It worked out to $3/lb, I believe. Really a good price for high quality beef. I think the other cut included in this special is a sirloin tip, or something like that.

Anyhow, I grind chuck in order to make burgers. usually, I pick up a blade steak or a small chuck roast from Loblaws. when I defrosted this one (buying frozen meat may be an issue for some) and started cubing it, I was immediately impressed by the almost purple colour and really nice and fine marbling. the end product was amazing. Although I overcooked them (my fault, not the meat's) they were extremely juicy and flavourful. The loblaws stuff I normally buy is pretty juicy, but does not have the rich beefy flavour this stuff had. I am hooked. Have another roast in the freezer and looking forward to another burger night.

As an aside, they also had some frozen short ribs, the looked extremely meaty and very nicely marbled. They also sell lamb, which I haven't tried. They did however say they could bring in shoulder roasts AND lamb belly, which is very tough to find.

They have a website

Not too responsive, though. I emailed the guy and got a response, but none to my follow ups on pre-ordering a specific cut. However, the guy at the Brickworks looks pretty lonely most of the time, so I'm sure you'll have no problem getting his attention.

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  1. Just a follow-up, I picked up a short rib roast from these guys on Saturday. $6/lb. I'm going to try making short rib pastrami from this piece of meat, according to a recent blog post I read. When the meat defrosted I saw that it was a quality piece of flesh, nice purple colour and intense marbling, which I believe would be great braised, or during the summer ground and turned into burgers. I'm really happy with the quality of this producer, although I have yet to taste the short rib.

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      Thanks for the tip. My dad is frequently in Meaford area, will ask him to check it out. I'm not normally around any of the markets in Toronto they visit according to the website.

    2. Thank you for posting the link. I picked up some bacon from this place the last time I was a tthe Brickworks and was really impressed! I will have to see if I can pick up more their meats.

      1. Hey Scotch Mountain is now also at this great new market near the Rogers office tower just off Bloor on Huntly on Wednesdays from 2-5- Its a fantastic little market I just kindof fell upon one day- lots of beautiful produce and I think its open until the end of august- I might be wrong on that but I definitly didn't see any lonely guy at the stand! The farmer was there and he had two vibrant ladies with them who looked like they really knew there stuff, maybe they have done some remodeling since your run in with them. Oh also I ordered some perterhouse steaks from them on the day of market and they seemed to be able to take care of it there.
        Keep eating!

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          they're great people indeed and have great product. I fully endorse them!

          I'm at rogers as well and the market closes on aug 26th
          it runs every monday from 2:00pm-5:30

          here's more info:

          Zephyr Organic Farms (farmed organic vegetables)
          Goldwater Seafoods (Nova Scotia hook-line fish)
          Scotch Mountain Meats (premium natural hormone free meats)
          Millbank Cheese (cheeses)
          Bees Universe (bee products)
          Torrie Warner Farms (local seasonal fruits)
          Caketown & Principal of Eternal Springs (sweet & savoury baked items)
          Winfield Produce (jams, preserves, corn)
          CASH only, please!
          Please bring your own re-usable bags and cooler bags.
          Questions? Call the Facilities Service Centre at 416-764-2255