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Jul 7, 2009 05:37 AM

International finger food Catering/Take-out for Group of 5

hey CHers,
I'm taking my bridal party to get mani/pedis before my wedding next week, and the nail salon will let us bring in food. i want to do finger food only, and was picturing chicken satays, cold spring rolls, maybe some sushi, samosas, etc. - a mixed pallter of small stuff, nothing too heavy, enough to feed only 5 people. all the mainstream caterers seem to start their orders at one or two dozen minimums. can anyone recommend a thai resto or other sort of spot to pick stuff up? i am will ing to travel around a little but would like to keep it between bathurst and coxwell and the 401 and the lake, as I am at yonge/Eg and the nail place is Danforth.

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  1. How about picking up stuff from Whole Foods, Metro or Loblaws? I am sure they have little appetizers and can make a platter for you. That's all I can think of for now. Also, most thai, vietnamese restos usually sell a combo platter of appetizers on their menu, you can try that as well.

    1. Have you tried Urban Fare? They are a reasonably priced, excellent quality caterer/prepared foods shop on Bathurst St., south of St. Clair. They have some Asian items (satays, spring rolls...) and you can get finger food platters.

      Urban Fare Catering
      1415 Bathurst St, Toronto, ON M5R, CA

      1. A couple of local options. In the Kitchen with Dinah on Mt. Pleasant at Sherwood does various spring rolls and snacks, and with advance notice you could have them make or put aside what you wanted.

        In the medium price range is Pimenton on Mt. Pleasant, a couple of blocks south of Eglinton. A good selection of tapas dishes (they also do classes), and if you order in advance, the selection would likely be broader.

        For more Asian influence, Vanipha Lanna does great and extremely reasonable nibblies.

        1. Dash Kitchen is located on Danforth, west of Chester.

          Carrot Common has a prepared food counter. It is located west of Chester.

          Rather than run around to pick up, keep it close to the nail place as you don't want food spoilage.

          1. i live across the street from Dinah's, but she is a bit pricey. urban looks great. i will have a ride on my way there so i can just stop to pick up the order on my way over. thanks!

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              Let us know how it goes. And congrats on your upcoming nuptials!

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                I was at T and T last week and they have great platters of various items that I am sure you will enjoy and the price is right. Enjoy!