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Jul 7, 2009 05:36 AM

St Honore on Bloor, near Royal York - need your input

I wanted to go St Honore patisserie over the weekend but couldn't find a website or phone number for them. I went on the net and read a few reviews and most of them say that the owner is very rude.

Would love to check it out, so can you let me know if its worth going there if the owner is rude and pushy?

I go to Ma Maison for my crossiants and cafe au lait and love it there!

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  1. No no no, i didn't find them rude at all, infact they put up with me as i practised my meagre french. But their danishes are to die for, dont' know about the croissants, and their cheese biscuits are good too. Coffee is ok. They are french, so maybe they came across that way, but not pushy at all

    1. there is no posted phone number for st honore, he has decided that he doesn't want to bother receiving calls.

      he is a bit pushy but i wouldn't call him necessarily rude so much as very much into his product and perhaps brusquely confident? it's more like he tries to convince you to purchase mass quantities of his products (he has some really odd deals that only start when you buy like half a dozen of anything) and goes so far as putting items into bags before you've even said yes but if you say no he'll be fine with it. he just likes to do this his way.

      this is not the kind of place that i would go and sit for a coffee. it's not a cute cafe or bakery, it's more like a casual deli shop but instead of meats it's all manner of flour based items. i generally only go for their frozen croissants but that requires two trips, one to order and pay and a second to pick-up. the last batch i had were meh but prior to that they were exceptional pieces of buttery awesomeness to have at home.

      the best alternatives to a place like ma maison would be the patisseries along the bayview strip. my personal fave being cigogne and their brunch. it's enough to make me want to own a car.

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        You always have such great recs, PSP. The brunch menu at Cigogne looks so good and the pictures on their website are making my mouth water. What do you recommend for brunch?

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          thanks so much! it's nice when you can find people with similar tastes!

          i would get the tarte flambee, tourtiere and croque madame. i'm not one for quiches though theirs do look good and haven't had their crepes so can't comment on them. i always get distracted by the three i've mentioned and am not disappointed. they are rich though! for everything else.... the coffee isn't great and i do enjoy their croissants but find their baguettes rather average.

      2. I grab croissants there as well as baguettes on occasion when i'm in the mode.
        I've found everything he does there to be super top notch, particularly his almond croissants...
        Far as the 'tude goes, i read the same thing prior to going and was full-on watching for it and didn't get any whatsoever, as a matter of fact he seems like a decent dude...
        Maybe it's a french thing or whatever as far as a few of his quirks go but i'll say for sure that it's totally worth going to because the food is great.