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Jul 6, 2009 11:54 PM

Destination Dining?

I am looking for any recommendations for restaurants that are worth any sort of journey to get to purely based on the quality of their food.

I am based in the South and am pretty much willing to travel anywhere. I have done most of the obvious eateries down here and was hoping for some top tips to celebrate my birthday. I was hoping for the Sportsman, but no Tasting Menu the week of my birthday, so am thinking of delaying until later in the year.

A rather open qustion, but any suggestions most welcome. Maybe helping to narrow it down, not overly bothered by Indian/Asian etc, so I guess good British, French etc.

Thanks for any help

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  1. have you done london and its eateries?

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    1. re: abby d

      I wouldn't say I have done all of them by any means, planning a visit to Maze this year too. I am keen to head away somewhere for a really good feed and a few days in and around a nice area, was thinking L'Enclume maybe?

    2. If budget is no issue, I'd head to Sat Bains. The food is absolutely outstanding, and the rooms are lovely.

      1. My start would be the Michelin guide. Good destinations (in addition to those mentioned) in my book are: Nathan Outlaw in Fowey; LCS in Cheltenham; Fraiche in Birkenhead; Purnell's in Brum; the new 21212 in Edinburgh, and of course The Fat Duck has a new tasting menu so worth a revisit if you have been.

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        1. re: PhilD

          New Tasting Menu?

          Have done Outlaw, and LCS, keen to try Purnells, don't know Fraiche or 21212, will have a look, thanks

          1. re: stanleyk

            Check their website, some new dishes added, some old favourites still there, and a few are reworked. 21212 only opened a few weeks ago, ex Juniper relocated to Scotland.

        2. I''m not sure where in the South you are, but The French Table in Surbiton near Kingston has very good food. I can now compare it to my recent visit to the Sportsman, and I would say TFT is a bit more in the fine dining mode and it's a restaurant, not a pub of course. You can see a sample menu on line... must book a long way in advance.

          1. Midsummer House in Cambridge is one of my 2 or 3 favourite restaurants in the UK.

            a playful molecular whimsy dovetailing into modern based classical french cuisine. the coherency of the menu progression from the molecular to the classical is what really sets this apart.

            its only my opinion but its a must do for me.

            LCS & Manoir aux Quats Saison are both good, but less unique or singular of voice.