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Jul 6, 2009 11:46 PM

New Kosher Restaurants in South Florida?

I will be coming from the UK for our usual summer trip to South Florida at the end of this month and wondered whether there are any new Kosher restaurants that we can try? We are staying in Pompano Beach so anything between Hollywood and Boca Raton. Many thanks!

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  1. Pagoda is relatively new. I was there in January, and it had opened recently. It's an upscale steak and Asian place. My husband's grandparent's LOVED it. The staff was so helpful about special diets and leaving out ingredients. They served the Asian dishes family style, if the whole table orders from the Asian menu.

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      Many thanks for the information but where is it?

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        Oops-sorry ! It's on Collins Avenue and around 179th st, in the shopping center directly across the street from Trump

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          I had lunch at Sara's on 123rd St this past Friday. I happened to mention to Jack the owner of Sara's that I had wanted eat at Pagoda the night before but didn't get there because of a flight delay coming into Ft laud. Jack said Pagoda is no longer in business, but I haven't confirmed it

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            I'm surprised- the food was really delicious and well priced. The service was excellent too.

    2. they opened two new restaurants in Boca right outside Montoya Circle. One is a dairy restaurant called European Cafe, and there is a meat restaurant right next to it called Asia. I heard the meat restaurant is very good, I was not impressed with the dairy place. They are both located on Powerline and Camino Real, going north is on your left, right before the strip mall where Kosher Marketplace is located.

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        Thanks David. We love Kosher Marketplace so I know the area pretty well and will try out Asia. I remember seeing a new strip mall going up around State Road 7 before Clint Moore Road and seeing an advertising board for a new Israeli Kosher restaurant. Any ideas about that?

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          I think you are referring to a new strip mall at the SE corner of Yamato and SR 7. I am not familiar with that area, and I see no mention of it anywhere, but I will try to find out for you because I know someone mentioned to me about a new restaurant in that area.
          I also found this website that shows updated information of restaurants in the area. maybe they know about it.

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          We've had a couple of very nice meals at Asia. We will probably also try European Cafe. Has the Eilat Cafe closed?

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            as far as I know, Eilat Cafe did not close.

        3. Janette, this place is close to where you're staying. I think you'd really enjoy it.

          Emunah -

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              we go to florida once or twice a year (live in NY). Without question, Cafe Emunah is one of the top places we've eaten in anywhere. I never touch Sushi, but there's is outstanding

              1. re: cwsilverberg

                The food and ambience at Emunah Cafe are exceptional.

                1. re: gourmet girl

                  Has anyone been to Cafe Emunah recently? My wife and I ate at Emunah a few years ago. We thought it was amazing and asked to meet the chef - Hodney Doliscar. We're thinking about going back for a special occasion but I hear that Doliscar, the original chef, is no longer at the restaurant and I see the menu has changed too; I believe Doliscar left last year. Has anyone been to Emunah recently? Particulary interested in views of those who also ate there in 2007/2008 when Doliscar was chef. How does it compare now?

            2. Just went to a new kosher place in Sunny Isles (18090 Collins Ave.. in the RK shopping plaza) called The Hummus . The menu is completely pareve and somewhat limited (hummus is seriously their main offering!) and the decor is rather nondescript, but it was the best hummus, falafel and tabouli I have ever eaten this side of the Atlantic! Everything is made fresh. Really yummy. They are open until 2am, so it's a good place to go for a late night nosh.

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                On Sterling, just east of 441 there is a plaza with many kosher restaurants. JP Bistro and Bon Ami (dairy) and Pita king and Messa (sic) meat. Messa is trending toward upscale. All 4 are good places.

              2. I have just been at European Corner Cafe the new kosher restaurant at Boca Raton and had a great experience wanted to make sure everyone tries it. I believe its the best kosher dairy restaurant in south florida. Enjoy everyone.

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                  I have eaten at European Cafe twice and both times was very disappointed. The first time we went I ordered salmon with stir fried vegetables and the only vegetable they used was yellow squash. When we complained, they said there was no other vegetable available. The second time we went I ordered a salad, and the dressing consisted of olive oil and a few dried herbs - no vinegar. When I asked for vinegar, all she had to bring me was cider vinegar.