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Jul 6, 2009 11:12 PM

Recommendations near St. John Restaurant? [London]

I'l be stopping by St. John Restaurant over the next week on the off chance that I can squeeze in as a solo diner at the bar. If I succeed, great. I really enjoy the St. John menu and atmosphere.

If I fail, are there any chowhound recommendations for restaurants/pubs/gastro-pubs in that same Smithfield neighborhood?

Thanks very much.

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  1. Vinoteca, slightly further down on St John Street. Search here for reviews; pretty universally loved!

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    1. re: helen b

      Helen: I've reviewed the comments about Vinoteca and its website. Perfect!

      Many thanks for your very helpful response.

      1. re: cortez

        whenever I've tried to get into vinoteca its always been jam-packed. Give it a go (i live five mins walk from there and STILL trying to get in) but if you can't get in there as well, try the top floor restaurant at Smiths' round the corner for steaks. We really enjoyed the cote du boeuf but it's not cheap at £54 for two. Pretty good, though - and great views over smithfield

      1. There's the Fox & Anchor pub round the corner that I think you'll enjoy if St John is your thing. Similar menu style but just a pub delivery and atmosphere as opposed to restaurant. Bit like St John B&W menu.

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          I didn't eat at Fox & Anchor, but did drink there one evening (before going to st. John, as it happens) and the food looked very good as it went by. Wished I would have had another free evening in the city to go back for the food.