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Jul 6, 2009 10:54 PM

Visit to Sea/ Bellevue/ Redmond in a couple of weeks

this will be my second visit to the Seattle area. 3 days and nites, staying in Bellevue. Please suggest your local favorites for the Bellevue area for mid-July. Re: Seattle, I've already experienced Pike Place Market, which I loved and will probably re-visit. So, any suggestions for lunch in that area are very welcomed. I've also done the original Starbucks, so I'd like to know any other good coffee houses.

I'll likely be taking public transportation within Seattle and like to seek out unusual, cheap breakfast/lunch/snack types of places. I like ALL kinds of food and will try almost anything. Seafood will need to be in the mix; I mean this IS the Pacific Northwest after all and I am a salmon fanatic. I should probably go to the downtown area and maybe ride the monorail and see the Space Needle, too, huh?

the post about the breweries and wineries was very helpful. Any types of cool places, things to do, ideas for this Los Angeles hound are most appreciated.

Thank you thank you!

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  1. First, putting "the original Starbucks" and "other good coffee houses" in the same sentence
    makes no sense at all. OK, I admit I might well have recommended that visit, though on historical grounds, but I can't even drink that stuff.
    Give me any shop that sports the Caffe Vita logo. I'm especially fond of Erwin's, in Wallingford, but many shops disense this nector. Next down the line is Cherry Street Coffee, and there you are...

    1. There is a strip mall in Redmond, 152nd Ave NE & 24th, that is ethnic food heaven. It includes an Indian snack food/street food place (Mayuri), a Pakistani kabob house (name escapes me, but it's good), and a Malay place (Malay Satay Hut). I recommend all of them. There is also a Brazilian bakery in the same strip mall that looks interesting, but I have not yet tried.

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        The Brazilian bakery is called Kitanda. I'm certainly no expert on Brazilian food, but I like this place. They have a good selection of Brazilian sweets, and I've liked every one I've tried, especially a sweet bread made from yuca (kind of like cornbread....don't know what it's called). They have good coffee, too. Each day they have a couple of lunch specials; the one I tried, some kind of chicken/rice/beans dish, was nothing special. I haven't tried their savory pastries but plan to one of these days.

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          There is also a Korean hot pot specialist, Seoul Hot Pot, which is pretty good also.

          Seoul Hot Pot
          2560 152nd Ave NE Ste N, Redmond, WA 98052

        2. If you decide to have dinner near downtown Bellevue, Monsoon East, SeaStar, and 0/8 Seafood Grill are all pretty solid choices. Chantanee is also pretty good. Would avoid most other places in the area (other than maybe for happy hour specials).

          1. I would say that you do need to go back to Pike Place. That is the best place to snack for cheap and there are sooooo many places there that you wouldn't be duplicating any from your last trip. Some new discoveries for me was that corn dog place right as you walk in, WonderFreeze, does corn dogs of polish sausage, hot links, kielbasa and they are delish. I also only recently had I Love NY deli sandwich too and it was great.

            I'm originally from LA and I can say that there isn't much in Bellevue or Redmond that you wouldn't have better in LA. Your best bets here would be Indian - Taj Palace in Bellevue, Shamiana in Kirkland, Kanishka in Redmond, are all good choices IMHO. And yes, you should have Pacific NW seafood whenever you can. But the best places for that in Bellevue/Redmond/etc are higher priced like Seastar, Yarrow Bay Grill, Matt's Rotisserie and Oyster Bar. You probably should head over to Seattle as much as you can. You could do an entire sandwich tour of Seattle for cheaper eats - Paseo, Salumi, Pho Cyclo for Banh mi, Matt's in the Market for Catfish Sandwich, The Crumpet shop's turkey sandwich, etc.

            Coffee is great here and while the OG Starbucks is better than your average Starbucks from what I hear, you should get better coffee at Vivace, Vitrola, Stumptown, and feel free to try out any coffee shops you pass by that look cool and have happy customers.

            Good luck! Oh wait, also get some ice cream at Theno's Dairy in Redmond.

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              thank you very much everyone... i will print this out and try as many of your suggestions that i can and report back in a few weeks. the ice cream, coffee, ethnic food and indian suggestions are right up my alley.

              thank you again

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                the place in Kirkland to try is Trellis . The cook grows much of his own produce. It's in the Heathman Hotel.


              2. Reporting back after my visit. Thank you to all of you. Clearskies, I did eat at Chantanee and it was very good. Asked the staff what the best thing to order was and they replied the crispy garlic chicken. I mentioned Chowhound and ears perked up. The meal was delicious and garlicky and if I remember correctly, served with fried basil. I had it with brown rice. Ate it cold the next day while sightseeing at the Ballard Locks and Fish Ladder.

                Pike Place Market is a dream. I want to live there! I bought a dozen assorted donuts from that little stand there in the market; also delish. Peaches and Ranier cherries were outstanding. I sampled the Pike Place ale from the pub.

                Cafe Ladro served me a memorable Americano.

                There are not enough meals to try all of the places I wanted to try. I bought one piece of beer battered fried salmon at a little place on one of the piers and some alaskan cod at another little hole in the wall. All was good and thanks to all of you.