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Jul 6, 2009 10:19 PM

Banquet room in Berkeley / Emeryville

I am looking for a banquet room in Berkeley or Emeryville that meets the following criteria:

1) Can hold 30-40 people
2) Has privacy (a separate room)
3) Has a bar on the premises
4) Has a parking lot for easy parking

Any ideas? Thanks in advance for you help.

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    1. Hilton Garden Inn has a nice banquet room on the top floor of the hotel, overlooks the bay and with a great view.

      1. In Emeryville Trader Vic's and Chevy's would fit your criteria, even if I would be loath to recommend either.

        Spenger's also fits the bill, and has better food. [Parking is not free, but it is available.]

        1. Hs Lordships has 4 rooms of different sizes, a bar and free parking.

          Haven't been in yrs, food wasn't all that