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Chicago farmer's markets

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Can someone recommend a farmer's market that would be easily accessible by public transport on Saturday or Sunday morning (this will be in August)? I'm staying in River North at the Amalfi Hotel and would really like to check out a market, especially one that had a good selection of prepared foods. I saw a list of markets online but it was very long and I don't know what would be convenient. It would be a bonus if it were in an interesting neighborhood.

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  1. Green City Market is one f the better options and is accessible by bus from your location (#22 Clark Street bus North)

    1. For ones closer to your hotel, there is one on Division/State Saturday mornings. Another one on Erie Park (Erie/Kingsbury) on Sundays, but this one is really small. (5,6 vendors at most).

      With prepared foods, it will be mostly baked items, and cheese.

      1. The Green City Market has several vendors selling prepared on-site foods like wraps, crepes, smoothies etc. as well as baked goods and cheese.

        1. Green City Market it is, thanks!

          1. There is also Chicago’s Downtown Farmstand, located at 66 East Randolph Street, open six days a week (closed Sunday).

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              No comparison to Green City Market. None.

            2. Division Street Market. At the Amalfi you are almost on Dearborn Street. Where you are, the Clark 22 bus runs north on Dearborn then at Walton it turns left in front of the Newberry Library for a block , after which it runs on Clark. From your hotel to Division Street takes ten minutes. Division Street Market runs from Clark to State (two blocks) from 7-1 every summer Saturday. None of the city Farmers' Markets sells a lot of prepared foods but you will find some, also baked goods and nice fruit. There is always a vendor who specializes in magnificent lilies, if you can use some flowers for your hotel room, and there will be other take-home souvenirs like jars of honey and jam. The neighborhood offers lovely strolling, for example Elm, Cedar, and Bellevue between State and Lake Shore Drive are lined with 1880's townhouses and there are a zillion restaurants along Rush and State.