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Jul 6, 2009 08:57 PM

Jean Talon Market Guide

After searching the boards, I was wondering if people could help me out. Ive started going to JTM on a weekly/bi- weekly basis and cant seem to orientate myself. I love to know the best places to purchase everything! (fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, nuts, etc ) I know i can search individually, but I thought it would cool to have it all in one place. I am student, which means I'm on somewhat on a budget, but i wouldn't hesitate to splurge on something in season or special.

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  1. JTM is not the cheapest place in town; for good veggies and fruits bargains, if I remember correctly, you have to stick to the stalls on the north side of the market (the one bordering the builddings).

    For "exactly" in season produce, it's best to walk down the aisles and pick the vendor that looks best to your eyes, most of them will have more or less the same prices (except maybe for Biri, Louis and Nino who are more expensive, but offer the best of the market. IMO), Your best bet, for best prices might be from vendors that resell produces they get from "grossistes" (i.e. vendors that sell everything and looks like a supermarket).

    For meat and fish, again, more expensive, and I rarely buy there; When I want to treat myself, I go for pork @ Porc Meilleur or the Ferme St-Vincent for very good veal chops.

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      Here's my list of favourite JTM vendors
      Meat: Al Nasr (the blue oning on the south end of the market) mostly for lamb, merguez and chicken. Chicken and duck: Zinman's (just west of the market on St-Dominique.

      Fish: the stand from gaspésie and it's sister boutique (in the new section just south of Havre des Glaces) the selection is limited but what they have is local, seasonal and fresh

      Nuts: En Vrac (for all your grocery needs, great organic produce) or the nut stand facing the new section (a bit pricey but their fine herb macadamian nuts are worth every penny)

      Fruits: varied, check out the stands, avoid Nino's and Louis, there's no need for that in summer.

      Cold cuts: Milan (in the North side of the market) also a good butcher shop for pork and veal. And Cochon Tout Rond for chorizo and their white wine thin cured sausage.

      Vegetables: The potatoe stand in the center isle is great for a one produce stand. As is Le Roi de La Tomate (it's true his tomatoes are king) As for local seasonal veg I like the stand at the south end of the market (at the begining of the west most isle) they have the best yellow beets at the end of the summer.

      Cheese: If you like goat cheese try all 3 options at the small stand that sells Tomeau du Maréchal (at the end of the stands facing the new section, near Sushi Shop) I prefer Qui Lait Cru to Hamel because I seem to always get the new recruit who knows nothing at Hamel!

      Ice Cream: Havre des Glaces (all flavours all the time)

      Bread: the baguette at Hamel over the one at Première Moisson, but the carré au chocolat at Première Moisson on Saturday mornings.

      Tea: Camilia Senisis accross the street on Casgrain, a real adventure.

      Latino fair: The grocery store on Casgrain next to the pet shop, good beef as well

      And there are places that are worth the splurge: Biri Biri, Porc Meilleur (try their bacon), La Dépense, Olive et Olives

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