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Jul 6, 2009 08:02 PM

Downtown Malden

I will be in Malden Thursday night and am looking for suggestions of places I should check out. Is there a good bar scene or a place to eat on a Thursday night?
Thanks for your suggestions.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. There are a number of good places, but I implore you to try Habesha for Ethiopian. It has recieved a lot of praise on this board and in the Globe, but it needs more support.

      1. re: drbangha

        I tried Habesha for the first time last weekend. We got lamb, 2 kinds of beef and the sampler plate. Everything was really tasty and I washed mine down with Ethiopian beer. I had read some reviews about bad service, but I had no complaints. The bill for 4 people came to a whopping $61 and nobody left without a full belly. I'll definitely be going back.

    2. Fuloon for Chinese - a board favorite. Has full bar license, I believe.

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      1. re: Taralli

        I love Fuloon - but it is not the place for "a good bar scene". It is the place for very good to outstanding Chinese food.

        1. re: Delhiwala

          OP asked for "a good bar scene OR a place to eat". Fuloon for eats, maybe nearby Hugh O'Neill's Pub for drinks:

      2. The bar scene is probably best at Exchange Street Bistro. I personally don't like their food (others would disagree), but if you want a more trendy bar thing, that is the place to go.

        The bar at All Season's Table is also very lively, but the bartenders are merely ok. The food is much, much better. You almost can't go wrong with a selection of apps for a sort of asian tapas-style meal. Nice space too. I think they have jazz on thursdays which can make things louder than usual, but check the website.

        Plenty of other places to eat - as suggested, check the other posts.

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        1. re: lisa13

          How is Veez Grill and Tap??? Have not been to that location since it was Charles and Main.

          1. re: sinned61

            Some menu items in common with Salemwood and the late Ferrari's but larger than Salemwood, mostly regulars during the day and only bartender serving, Karaoke and some DJ (80s night?) draw more at night. I would definitely perfer Salemwood for tips (tangier) but they were ok and overall service, the sicilian steak was awful (something which was tasty at Ferrari's). More seafood than Salemwood, but never got around to trying it or any of the Italian items. Ordered off a lunch menu and got charged dinner plate one visit. Beer on the pricey side for a dive bar, although it is downtown. I am a bit curious about their pizza and some of italian items, but am not rushing back. Salemwood for bar food, Pasta Market for italian seem like better options.

            1. re: itaunas

              Charles and Mains Pizza was great as were the Steak Tips and Ribs and weekend only Seafood. Best Buffalo Chicken ever as well.

              1. re: sinned61

                So MtVernon- where did you go and what did you think?

              2. re: itaunas

                Anyone know what happened to Ferrari's?

              3. re: sinned61

                I went to Veez Grill and Tap for my graduation dinner in November. It was just okay. I have a review and pics on my blog about it.