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Jul 6, 2009 07:52 PM

Cotaldo Pizza on Vanderbilt

I enjoyed the margherita pizza there, and thought it was reasonably priced. The room was nice, the food at the steam table looked good too. Some mixed reviews elsewhere on the net.

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  1. I've eaten in once and had delivery last night. It's no Franny's, but it's quite decent and by far the best delivery in the 'hood. The broccoli rabe is very good. I hope it stays in business.

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    1. You mean Cataldo's I'm assuming. I found the pizza remarkably disappointing, which is unfortunate since I was looking forward to a new pizza spot. I'd give it another shot, but the two pies we had (veggie and sausage + broccoli rabe) were so poorly made. Canned mushrooms? Come on. I'll stick with the $5 for 2 slices and a boylan soda at Amorina.

      1. Haven't tried the pizza, but the fried calimari hero is delicious! I agree with ginsbera though, canned mushrooms would be a turn off.

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          Maybe I'll have more luck with the hero. I'm sick of Antonio's and Cataldo's is at least reasonably priced. Yes, canned mushrooms really baffled me. They weren't event marinated, just canned, like green beans and what not. THis was about a month after they opened so maybe it's changed.