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Jul 6, 2009 07:15 PM

Sushi to impress a New Yorker

My niece just moved to D.C. from New York and I am looking for someplace to take her for dinner to celebrate the move and her new job. She loves sushi and I want to show her that she can still get great sushi in D.C. but since I don't eat sushi, I don't know if that's really true. (I am willing to be flexible about finding something else on the menu for me to eat - I like most asian food). I have read prior posts on this board and there seems little consensus regarding good D.C. sushi places or asian restaurants for that matter. If you have a recommendation can you please include a few words about why you like the place you are recommending. Thanks!

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  1. Since when is New York a standard bearer for sushi?

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    1. re: Joe H

      Agreed! I have had really good sushi in New York and really mediocre sushi in New York.

    2. How old is your niece? If she's young I'd take her to Sticky RIce on H Street. It's not traditionial, but it''s fun and very cool. And if you don't eat sushi you have a lot of options.

      If she'd like something very high-end, I'd go to Sushi Taro, btut I don't know if you'd have as many choices.

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      1. re: Culocho

        Trust me, Sticky Rice won't impress someone who appreciates the quality of NY sushi.

      2. Sushi Taro at the sushi bar (i.e., $100 omakase) ....something like 20 types of fresh seafood to pick from for sushi and sashimi.

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          Sushi-Ko is always very good. There's one in georgetown and one in chevy chase.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. My two cents, if you think your niece would be open to something different, would be to get something other than Japanese food. New York (City, I'm assuming) attracts many more Japanese than the DC area, so there are correspondingly many more authentic Japanese restaurants.

            DC does have a larger Vietnamese population, and many good, if not great Vietnamese restaurants (mostly in the Virginia suburbs). My personal favorites are Minh's in Clarendon (very nice atmosphere) and Tay Do in Eden Center (less atmosphere).

            If you must do Japanese, my Japanese friends prefer Tachibana (in McLean).