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Jul 6, 2009 07:14 PM

Husband's birthday.... somewhere on Smith Street?

I live right around the corner from Smith Street - we just moved here a few months ago. And the hubby's birthday is coming up. Should I bring him to somewhere on Smith Street? We live 1.5 blocks from Saul but I'm a public school teacher so I don't think I can afford it - and his birthday falls on a Friday (Saul has been running a $40 prix fixe Sunday through Thursday) . So a Friday night - our first birthday as a married couple..... where to go? He's adventurous and loves a good meal. Suggestions welcome....

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  1. check out Chestnut and Char No. 4. I think either place would make a nice birthday venue (Char definitely if he loves whiskey.)

    1. Another vote for Chestnut. I've been going there for my birthday every year for the past 6 years. Wonderful food and lovely service. Great cocktails, too.

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      1. re: scarlet starlet

        We actually had our rehearsal dinner there - it's a little but of a long story but it's definitely a total no-go for birthday dinner. We haven' t yet tried Char No. 4. Hubby is from Kansas City so a bit of a bbq snob. Might be an interesting place.

        We've been to a couple of other spots on Smith - Lunetta, Ki, Po. I was thinking Grocery also.

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          If you can't afford, then you can't afford the Grocery. Try Char 4. It's not traditional BBQ. I also love Frankie's - very well-priced, but wait can be a killer.

      2. Although not on Smith, on Court there's some good special occasion spots...Prime Meats, Buttermilik Channel and an old fave Frankies 457.

        I'm also a fan of Fragole- solid italian, consistent food, great service and very affordable.
        Not a huge fan of Chesnut. Had 2 'not good' experiences and I really think the food is 'eh'.

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        1. re: malibu

          Lunetta is good, but people have had issues. (I wonder if it's picked back up now that Adam Shephard is presumably around more since the Manhattan location closed.)

          Ki is, to me, a standard takeaway lunch sushi joint in nice digs. It's decent, and I get sushi from there maybe once every two or three weeks, but it's nothing special. Hibino is a much better option IMHO.

          The Frankie's, Buttermilk Channel, and Prime Meats suggestions are also good.

          1. re: lambretta76

            wow - Buttermilk Channel's menus look great. We have never been there. Might be a delicious choice.