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Jul 6, 2009 06:32 PM

Blue corn quesadilla lady in Echo Park

Been meaning to try these for a while, does anyone know what days/hours she sets up?

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  1. I think she makes pupusas, and she is usually there mid-afternoon. At the corner of Echo Park & Sunset. Right by the parking lot. Never in the evening, never in the morning. Hence, I always miss her.

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    1. re: lotta_cox

      I went yesterday and ordered chorizo/potato quesadilla and a chicken and cheese, Delicious and fun to watch her hand form the tortillas. Eat before the blue corn masa gets cold, they are much tastier hot. This was at 3:15 or so.

    2. I've only been on weekdays, but I read online she's there on Sundays (and maybe Sat?) as well. the latest i've gone is about 2:30, and there were still a few customers. i had driven by several times trying to find her with no luck because I was looking mostly on Echo Park Blvd north of Sunset and she was south of Sunset - she sets up in the corner of a city parking lot next to some apt buildings (a friend told me that this is the same parking lot that the fri farmer's market is in, but I haven't been to the farmers market so I can't confirm).

      she does make quesadillas - I've tried the squash blossoms, pork, and potato/chorizo on different occasions, I think the squash was my favorite. Prices are 3 - 3.50 for each quesadilla (I haven't figured out the pricing yet, I think that the vegetarian options are cheaper, but my spanish isn't good enough to ask)

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      1. re: patz

        We went on a sunny Sunday afternoon around 3pm and tried the huitlacoche, squash blossoms, and chorizo w/ potato. $9 for all 3 and $1 for drinks. Maybe the prices have changed. She ran out of blue corn masa right after our order, so I would go earlier next time. The nopal and salsa as condiments were excellent. The huitlacoche was kind of runny so you got to eat that one before it falls apart. Squash blossoms was also our favorite.

        There's another quesadilla lady a block away on the corner of Sunset and Logan with a similar setup.

        1. re: mpken

          how do the two compare? is it worth checking out the one on Sunset and Logan?

          1. re: patz

            Never tried the other cart, so I can't compare. If I lived closer I would try it, but it's not high on my list to try again anytime soon.

      2. I visited the lady on Echo Park blvd at Sunset ysterday. I ordered one quesadilla with chorizo & potatoes, and one with chicken and cheese. Both delicious. Not as huge as what you would get in an Americanized Mexican restaurant. Super yummy, but eat the handmade blue corn tortilla while it's hot, it was nowhere near as tasty once it was cold.

        1. Blue Corn quesadilla lady has changed locations. Sun-Mon-Tues-Wed she's on Santa Monica and Vermont right by Manila Sunset restaurant.

          Manila Sunset
          1016 N Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90029