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Jul 6, 2009 05:59 PM

Red Currants in Calgary

Yet another desperate plea for a favorite ingredient!

I love Red Currants and although I have found a local supplier for Black Currants, I was wondering if anyone knew where to find Red Currants in the city of Calgary?!


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  1. U-Pick places - you will have to check for availability dates.

    leads to
    http://www.kayben.com/prairiefruit.html - this site has not been updated for 2009 yet.
    "The orchard will continue to expand, offering raspberries, red currants, white currants, and other fruits in the near future."

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    1. re: cancowboy

      I have to think that if anyone has them it will be your local farmer's markets.
      Try: info@calgaryfarmersmarket.ca to see if/when they will be available .

      1. re: eatrustic

        I saw red currents at the Calgary Farmer's market last weekend, the stall closest to the door by Innisfail Growers.

      2. re: cancowboy

        Yeah I was looking at Kayben Farms but only noticed the black currants. That would awesome if this year they expanded to other varieties! Thanks for the help :)

        1. re: Foodie149

          For anyone who is interested...

          I spoke to the owner of Kayben and she said they did not plant the red and white currant crops as planned :(

      3. chongos at crossroads flea market usually has them,i got my last ones at coop strathmore.if its here it should be in any coop in calgary

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        1. re: howlin

          i just seen them for sale at sobeys

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            Thank you all!

            Looking forward to finding them :)

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              As SpudMurphy mentioned above, Walker's Own at the Calgary Farmers Market had them this past weekend. I bought some that were decent, but not great.

        2. DJ's Market 4645 12 St. SE, right next to Rocky's Burger bus. Just bought some yesterday to make summer pudding...yum

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            Sounds great! Thanks. Has anyone seen White Currants here? Ever?!