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Jul 6, 2009 05:40 PM

Bremerton, Port Gamble, Poulsbo Recommendations?

We'll be in this general area one day for lunch? Any recommendations? We're looking for casual, something on the sort-of healthy side. Thanks.

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  1. The Silver City Brewery is great. Has really nice food that is somewhat innovative yet accessible. The staff is always accomodating and not only do they brew beer, but they brew ginger ale and root beer too.

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      I will second Silver City as one of your better options in that area. I haven't done it for lunch, but the Boat Shed in Bremerton was enjoyable for dinner and if the weather is right, you can't beat the deck. About 10 minutes from Bremerton in Port Orchard, I enjoyed a lunch at Amy's and it is also right on the water for a good view and weather enjoyment if the weather cooperates.

      Billy Bob