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Jul 6, 2009 05:17 PM

Barcelona, Scottsdale

Rumor has it that Barcelona has shut its doors, is there any truth to this rumor?

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  1. I had heard that they were closing for the summer months for a renovation.

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    1. re: Rubee

      That's right.

      Gotta love the comment at the bottom of the article.

      1. re: silverbear

        Most of the cougars are in hibernation, somewhere on Coronado Island in San Diego, this time of year so it's a good time to shut down.

        Seriously though, one must question the widsom of investing so much capital into a substantial renovation in this economy. Remarkably, it's not like the place wasn't busy. It's amazing to me that this place has stood the test of time, but I suppose that a new herd of cougars comes to prowl every few years.

        1. re: ejs1492

          The problem is they keep changing themes: steakhouse, to sushi, etc. I liked it better when it was more spanish/continental, tapas, at least it was somewhat unique. Haven't really been back since....

          1. re: ejs1492

            Haha! ejs, you made me laugh pretty hard because it's so accurate (about the cougars at least). I don't think that Barcelona will actually reopen, but I've heard rumors that their plan is to reopen. What could they possibly do to change the venue that would make it more appealing? The space itself is pretty elaborate, and they keep adding on to it (sushi bar, etc). Guess only time will tell on this one!

      2. I understand it's been sold and will reopen as another concept. BYW it was owned by Danny of Danny's Family Car Washes. That should tell you something.

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        1. re: Poerz

          Yes. I heard just yesterday that it will be reopening with a Mexican theme.

          Just what Phoenix needs - another taco shop at $20 a pop. ( I'm embellishing ... relax. Heh. )