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Jul 6, 2009 04:34 PM

Cut vs. SW Steakhouse

My husband and I will be traveling to Vegas this weekend and cannot decide between Cut and SW steakhouse. We are 30 year old couple, who loves great food and great service. At a steakhouse, my husband generally ordered the rib eye and I order the filet. For sides,we like starches. In terms of drinks, we generally order wine by the glass Any thoughts...

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  1. CUT and SW Steakhouse are my first and second favorite steak houses in Las Vegas. I like CUT a little more than SW, both in terms of food and atmosphere, but the difference isn't great. CUT is a bit more expensive than SW.

    I thought the steaks at both were excellent, and very nicely prepared. CUT seems to cook at higher temperatures, resulting in more charring (even for a rare steak) - a good thing in this case . I didn't try starches at either place, so I'll pass on that area.

    1. Both are great steakhouses. You will have a great time at either one, but my choice has to be CUT just because the american wagyu ribeye is SOOOOO good. The steak tartar is also really good. And the banana dessert is one of the best desserts I have ever had.

      SW is my second favorite steakhouse. The filet is really good and is the potato tart thingy.

      Every time I have been to CUT in LV, I have always seen a celebrity there as well in case you like the atmosphere. As far as service, both are equally as good.

      1. Just ate at Cut last week and was frankly a little disappointed. It was good but not great and is very expensive. On the other hand, you should be able to score a 25% discount coupon good at most Puck Vegas restaurants including Cut. I'd check his website. I got mine elsewhere on this site but don't remember where. Cut has a lousy wines by the glass program. I believe there were only about 10 choices in total. Only one Zinfandel and it was $20 a glass. If I remember correctly, thw Wagyu is well over $100. If money is no object I'd do that and order a bottle of wine.

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          25% Off for Las Vegas Locals - 6/1/09 - 9/30/09
          Wolfgang Puck is expressing his appreciation to Las Vegas locals this summer by offering guests 25% off their check. Beginning June 1 through Sept. 30, guests may take advantage of this special offer at Spago, CUT, Postrio, Chinois and Trattoria del Lupo

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            We're thinking about eating at either CUT or Charlie Palmer Steak. Can't make up our minds. Anyway, my friend is a local. To get the discount do you need an actual coupon or do you just show ID?

        2. While your question considers only the two, we recently went to Carnevino and had the 8 month dry aged. It was nothing short of outstanding. If you are looking for the best steak in town(sans A5), I submit that this is worth a consideration-though it is expensive, pay per inch($65-100) if i recall correctly.