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Jul 6, 2009 04:33 PM

spreadable salami

I don't eat the stuff but, I'm very intrigued and want to add this to my Brunch list. What would YOU recommend and where should I buy it???
I assume it's delicious to those who like salamis and such, right??

KQ :)

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  1. KQ: What is this? Like a pate or Braunschweiger? Or minced salami in a cream base?

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    1. re: nemo

      From Nduja is nothing new — in fact, it's one of the better-known specialties that comes from the southernmost Italian region of Calabria. Pronounced "en-doo-ya," this delicacy takes its name from the French word andouille, which means "sausage." Made of pork meat, pork fat, salt, and copious amounts of red pepper, nduja is extremely spicy — and, for that reason, considered by many to be an aphrodisiac.

      1. re: Kitchen Queen

        While in Calabria last summer, I became addicted to this stuff!!! Sadly, I am waiting until my next visit to San Francisco (to buy some in the Ferry Building) because I can't find it anywhere else in North America, inspite of having a very large Calabrian community in my home town. If you like very hot, spicy sausage, you will enjoy this. Be warned that it does leave that very fatty coating on the tongue. Not for the faint of heart tastebuds.

    2. ciauscolo, from the Marche region of Italy, on warm bread or toast

      1. Boccalone in the Bay Area started making a delicious nduja about 6 moths ago.

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        1. re: barndog

          Thank you Barndog ! I saw the website earlier. Have you purchased any??? Again, I don't eat this sort of thing but, I like the sound of a couple of their chubs...brown sugar and fennel, orange and wild fennel and the Soppressata di Calabria.

          I think my family will like this stuff

          1. re: Kitchen Queen

            Here's the discussion thread abouy Boccalone's nduja on the SF Bay Area board.
            You can have it shipped to you.

          1. re: Zeldog

            Never tried it, never heard of it but I want some. It looks like something you only need a little bit of to make you really happy...
            I have family in Sonoma County- I think it's time for a visit!